George Floyd protests: Police officers fired for excessive force in Atlanta


Do you know why the police use violence completely unprovoked? They provoke people so that they have the right to intervene with violence. It is not about violence where they beat people with baton and it is not about police harassment. It’s about what nobody speaks a word about. It’s about Taser. when they have shot a person with Taser, then they have executed the death penalty on that person and they know about it. Everyone responds to the murder of George Floyd where they see that they execute him in such a obvious way, while no one responds to people who are shocked by electric current, Taser. For more than 12 seconds he has shocked that guy and now I know how many seconds it takes electrical power to inflict deadly damage with the Electric Shock Weapon Taser. Every one who has been shot by police with Taser is dying in agony. Every one loses the body, soul, life, workplace because of being disabled over time and ultimately paralyzed due to complete death of all nerves in the body and body collapse where the body collapses in pain and madness. Every one who dies due to electrical damage is cursed to anger that is bordered by madness. Imagine a man who has had his entire family murdered. That’s the kind of anger I’m talking about. Electrical damage always leads the injured person to death. What the police do to black people with excessive violence is just about getting a chance to harm those with electrical power. In this way, the state through the police transforms minority people groups with Taser into mentally ill crowds, where people in their deathbed suffering cannot be normal ever more. So provoked by body damage, people make mistakes much easier. Then the police can shoot them with a gun bullet in the end. If they try to prove their injuries then they will be blocked by the police, by the health care, by the media. They are blocked by entire state systems. If they try to prove their injuries through the care, then they will only be further injured and the care will only lie that they see no injuries, while they have been re-injured by Elektro neurography EMG on the nerve and pain clinic. The police don’t just shoot blacks. Police also shoot white, Latin, Asian, criminal and law-abiding where police provoke a person just to give them an opportunity to shoot a person with Taser. When they do not get the opportunity to harm one with Taser, then the state has put out trojans of all the other 9 volts nerve poisoned electrical appliances with allegedly every possible purpose, just for people to be tricked into testing it once and it is everything needed to eventually die in one way or another. Anyone who gets harmed by Taser, ECT or the all infinite 9 volts and even less current power, will have nerves to die by a few years throughout their body. After a year when deathbed pain comes, then at the same time nervous breakdown, where one’s personality even soul ceases to exist. Then you become half living mentally broken and driven to the brink of life and death, on the verge of madness. You are tortured by injuries to insanity and that is when you start talking about the death of suffering in agony. All the suffering the state hand has brought to the police. When one is so injured and destroyed, it is no longer possible to function normally due to the constant pain, discomfort, and loss of sensation in the body. The only choice you have is to look for your pain relief and that is what you are looking for in general health care. There you get help from the state and referral to the nerve clinic or pain clinic if you have started to look for medicines for pain depending on how you begin the search for care and dependent mental state in which you are in. The state has built it in such a way that you should have choice opportunity so that you constantly have the false image where you become convinced that you are being cared for. It’s just a sight. If you go on the state fraud electro Neurography EMG then the injured person will be injured for a second time and then you will only get closer to the grave where even time living has ticked off completely. Ask this man and woman if they have lost touch in the area where they have been shot with Taser. They have lost feeling and that is only the beginning of the end of their lives. For the hell has just begun. Sooner or later when pain comes after a year then they will seek care because of pain in general care. General care will send them to psychiatric care where they will receive medication to sleep which is in fact pain relief for electrical damage that the state has exposed them to. It is Seroquel and Ziprexa that they will receive as pain relief. They are doomed and they will die due to the electric shock for 12 seconds. The police who murdered George Floyd deserve to be shot with Taser for 12 seconds and worse punishment he can’t get. Prison is not a punishment if you compare it to the damage that Taser causes on the body. If he had been shot with Taser, then they might as well release him, for electrical damage due to Taser means the death penalty and it is the secret that power and the wealthy elite keep silent about so that ordinary people will never know this . Don’t go for it, where some cops kneel in some alleged fantasy support with people. It is Stockholm Syndrome that you have in your mental senses towards a police uniform that represents authority and it is the brainwashing that has power over people’s minds through the lifelong media propaganda. They deserve to be spit in the face, because they are all murderers. They kneel down because they may have realized that they are no gods and that crowds can be fatal to them and their families. They look at protesters as on pigeons as they hunt, how it suits them and now pigeons have become potentially dangerous. They are murderers and they have murdered many people through their work as a police officer with Taser. They are kneeling now but already the next day they will hurt someone to death with Taser. The man they shoot is dead in advance. Politicians say they are fighting ordinary people for us. Left-wing politicians and right-wing politicians use their typical propaganda to convince their followers that they are allegedly fighting for the good of the people. But they all lie to us right in our eyes. This is the secret no one sees until it’s too late. States have, through all of human history, intentionally murdered people. They murder guilty and innocent. It doesn’t matter if you like them or if you adore them or if you adhere strictly to laws. If the state through the police has you in its objective then there is nothing you can do to save your life. They murder adults and young people, men and women, even children. All politicians participate in the crime of humanity murder by electric current. There is no one you can say he does not participate in that genocide. It is so inconceivable that it should be true but it is exactly true. The world’s politicians everywhere are coming up in the media condemning the murder of George Floyd. Politicians say we see racism. We condemn the actions of the police. We have no words for this murder. We need to do more so that we recognize such racist acts. Ooooooouuuuuuu. But they do not say a word that the police are killing people with Taser. They do not say a word that all the different electric trojans exist just to cause fatal damage to people. It’s not about racism and it’s never just about racism. Politicians have deliberately accepted the murder of people by electric current. Politicians, no matter what party they belong to, have, throughout human history, murdered people by tricking people with the electric trojans. The show of politicians classified in the left-wing humane line is that it is about racism, but it is not racism, it is just about it. Racism uses those who escape as yet another lie. States deliberately murder people in a legal way and they hide it by lying to people where they promise one thing and in reality they do another thing where they murder people. There is racism and people are murdered because of racism, xenophobia because of religions and so on. But it’s not just racism. Power and the rich elite explain the murder of people as racism. Racism in America is about the same as hunting for pigeons. They chase people for fun. They even kill whites. I saw a program about life in American prison where a black woman has offended the American flag and she has said that to a white younger girl. The white girl has fallen into ecstasy in trans in front of cameras. She criticized the black woman in hell and the black woman apologized before the whites started talking in front of the TV camera. So there we have it. She is totally brainwashed by the American TV propaganda that mixes it even in our brains here in Sweden and across the planet. But I understand her because media propaganda is powerful and deadly. I’ve been tricked but no more. The white woman is locked in prison as an animal and she wants the entire American people to see her patriotism while this country harms her with long prison sentences for a worthless crime while the state kills people with electrical nerve poison. The state kills her and the state has power over her mind through media propaganda, since her birth and until her imprisonment in prison. I can tell you white woman that you should piss on the flag and you should piss on the patriotism that kills you because it is the evil that will keep you on the floor. We all ordinary people see authority as if it were good. Some states have state systems like authority, some have religion, flag and so on. In fact, we should all shit on our authority. It is politicians who manipulate us in this way. As you can see, it is not only that they steal money from the Treasury, they also kill us. It is not about racism and police violence. It’s about the power and rich elite that we ordinary people have against us. They have entire state systems that use their weapons against us, while we have nothing to defend ourselves against. Therefore we ordinary people should talk to each other and we should listen to what we have to say. Don’t go to politicians who talk beautifully and nicely because they withhold information on genocide perpetrated on us and our children. Don’t hug cops because they are murderers and they exert power on us and our children for the state.


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