Lethal Transcranial magnetic stimulation TMS 2020-05-02

Here is one good example of how the state, through advertising, puts out in the media an extremely harmful and deadly method in the long term that claimed care for mental illness depression without showing any critical research, if it can be dangerous to the human body. If you search on Google then you only get advertising on the alleged care method. In each one of all video clips and info about TMS devices, they just declare that it is a device that sends electro magnetic pulses deep into the brain and they explain it with pure conspiracy theories, or false misleading information that has no root in reality. They lie to us straight into our eyes that it is supposed to help against depression. The purpose is to permanently harm people to death. You would never believe that it is true and that the state would hurt people with a will, but that is exactly what they do. On the surface, the state is fighting for the safety of its citizens when it comes to common needs such as food, alcohol consumption, use of electric home appliances, the climate and so on. All that affects us all, whether we are ordinary poor people or whether we are power or the rich elite. But when it comes to psychiatric care then that is where it starts to prove the alleged care goes against all logic and it is not at all strange because people who feel mentally ill in many cases carry dark secrets from their lives, which can being charged with a crime and all harmful treatments are nothing but an enforced death penalty for the crime you are not talking about. The state knows the truth they get through the technology that police use as a torture method when people are asleep. The thing is that they look at one as a criminal and therefore they treat one as such a negative individual. It does not matter if you have acknowledged your crime or not. Such people kill the state through all sorts of methods that states call for care to make it look like something harmless that is helping people. Here, this TMS scam is served to the population and presented as something other than what it really is, just as all the electrical appliances have been presented. That we see doctors in white medical uniform is all that is needed as state authority suggestive propaganda for us to be convinced of the credibility of the alleged care method. TMS is the same electro magnetic radiation that mobiles radiate and magnet X-ray. It is not just a coincidence that health care professionals leave the room where patients undergo magnetic X-ray scanning, if it had not been harmful to themselves. Mobiles develop brain tumors, damage DNA. The same goes for mobile masts and when adding 5G of mobile infrastructure that scientists warn of as a danger and threat to our human existence, then you understand that electromagnetic radiation is harmful to humans. In this case with this Frankenstein TMS device they amplify with electric current to extremely high electric field which will damage the brain and guaranteed to develop brain tumor later in life. It also damages DNA. They repeat it many times because in reality what is happening is that they cause permanent fatal damage to the brain of the patient they have been tricked into, while calling it something approved by the state FDA-approved NeuroStar Advanced Therapy System or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation TMS for treatment of depression. Remember and do not forget that all such state FDA or whatever they call themselves depending on which country it is, they all have a purpose and that is to harm people to death and never to cure. All the state institutions the FDA and others all over the planet have long approved ECT as a method to cure depression, while not only that ECT mutilates people’s brains and that they murder one with that method, they use ECT as an excuse to legally permission to manufacture all 9 volt appliances that damage and mutilate one’s body in minutes to complete body and nerve death collapse and life after the first contact of the electrodes with the body life will never be possible to live again. The Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation TMS is just one more way to kill people who states think people deserve to be punished for. That’s how states liquidate people that states see as a target for some reason. States have built a sea of ​​life’s dangerous ways of harming people to death and they continue to come up with new ways of permanently harming people, so that life will never be possible to live again for those who have been deceived by state deaths advertising propaganda. The intention is that physical damage should lead people into mental breakdown and that in turn will make people talk and make themselves known in public over humanity through social platforms such as Facebook, so you can never go back in gene. It is the continuation of the police investigation that will cause the police investigation to proceed. That we who are being investigated for crimes die because of this does not matter to the state and that because states commit genocide of ordinary people, crimes against humanity. All media propaganda is to deceive ordinary people, so that we see states as something fair, that we should not be aware that we are entering the death trap before we have been harmed to death.

(NeuroStar Advanced Therapy – Complete System Animation)


This is how the state systematic murder is committed on ordinary people, men, women and children. They make it look like care. Here’s another video where they also attracts  lures people into the trap of death. Here, they claim that transcranial magnetic stimulation was shown to increase memory, which is a pure fantasy stupidity. Here, states target the entire rest of the healthy population of ordinary people, who are not injured. You would never be subjected to this TMS claiming treatment with your own will for no apparent reason if it had not been because you have the police that makes us mentally ill. As we sit in front of our computer, the police see our screen mirrored and they pull out such advertisements so we can’t avoid them, while they simultaneously censor true information when we try to find information about it that can be dangerous. Thanks to this we only see advertising and censorship. This is what state dictatorship looks like in real life while using words of democracy as suggestive propaganda so that we think they are democratic. But here you see that they are not. The truth only knows those who have been hurt. Then they block us so that others do not access that information so that murders of ordinary people can continue. From a healthy person to someone who has had brain tumor cancer and then you get blocked by the care where they will deny that it has anything to do with TMS and thanks to this the media will just refuse us an opportunity for an interview where we can say what that happened to us. That is how states protect the genocide annihilation.

(Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation found to boost memory)



In this picture they make it look like Science fiction. Here they have put ridiculous glasses with numbers on top of that magnet over their heads. The glasses will mislead people further with the aim of people seeing the treatment as something advanced.



They have built appliances in all sorts of different shapes and it is only because they convince people that it should look credible in people’s eyes, so that people do not question the crime that they will be exposed to. It is important to undergo the alleged repeated treatments. Then when injuries appear as cancer then they renounce all responsibility, claiming that they have helped the patient to be cared for depression. When the patient gets cancer, brain tumor later in life, they will deny that their treatment has anything to do with it. Psychiatric care denies that ECT has anything to do with brain damage that people get from ECT treatment. When you get such obvious nerve damage due to the 9 volt devices then we are blocked by the state by sending us to further electrically harmful treatment at the nerve clinic and pain clinic which is identical to the device that caused damage from the beginning. In reality, the state commits crime by the electrically alleged Neurography and Myography nerve scanning method. They commit crimes through ECT. They commit crimes through all 9 volt devices. They commit crimes through this Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation TMS and they come in new ways all the time. The state harms people through drugs. Everything you get from psychiatric care hurts people to death. As you can see, they are allegedly treating people with TMS who have depression and besides, they are also tricking healthy people into this treatment claiming that they can improve their memory which is completely false. Here comes into the picture the interaction between the police and psychiatric care. Police through suggestive sentences, over a long period of time, lead people to this death’s advertising claim that states have posted on the internet. When the police counteract a person they are investigating for crime, the police use data experts to censor and block information that can warn us that this deadly advertisement on the TMS can be harmful. We’ll never see the truth of what it really is for something. So has the police done to me when I thought states would never harm us ordinary people consciously. It is thanks to my blind faith in the state that I am now dying in agony. Video and advertising on the electrical stimulation devices of 9 volts and less have constantly popped up in front of me as I browse through various web pages. That’s how I’ve been tricked into testing that death. Now that I’ve been harmed to death, advertising on all sorts of different 9 volt devices never comes up again in front of me. We believe that our crimes lead to prison, but that is not the true picture of reality in which we live. Our crimes lead us into situations where states expose us to crime. Our criminal errors lead us to death instead of prison. Before the state condemns us to prison, they do everything possible to kill us through death traps that states have put in front of our eyes and ears. Here, states have created another way in which we can injure ourselves to death. In this video, they have created the trap of death called (product for home use, kill yourself with your own hands). By the way, I’ve hurt myself in this way:

(The Flow tDCS device)



Here is video on the death scam of the state:


Here’s the truth about all the scams:


New ”high-tech” treatment methods will be used to make the appearance of scientific advances, but it will prove that they have not come close to any solutions on how to identify the causes of problems, or how to cure them; they will continue their fraud under the cover of ”mental health care”. TMS is used a magnetic coil placed near the person’s head and a powerful and rapidly alternating magnetic field penetrates the skull and reaches the outer cortex where it induces an electrical current.42 Repeated TMS may cause seizures or epileptic seizures in healthy individuals, depending on the intensity, the frequency, duration and intervals of the magnetic stimulus.4

Another delusion is that deep stimulation of the brain involves inserting electrodes into the brain. These are connected to a battery operated into the chest wall, similar to a pacemaker. High-frequency electrical impulses are then sent directly to the brain.40 The FDA (Food and Drug Administration, the US equivalent of the National Medicines Agency and the National Food Administration) has approved this treatment method for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, which has its cause in changes in the brain, but psychiatrists use it in experimental purpose for ”mentally ill” and gets approx. $ 50,000 per patient.


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