Foot detox through electrical curren

Here we have it again, a new area where electric current can be used as a foot bath detox.

(Guy Tries A Foot Detox)


People suffer, who have bodily diseases such as rheumatism and so on. They take all the help they need to feel good physically. It is not their fault if they go on fraud. Even healthy people go on the scam, as it is such that is advertised everywhere in every conceivable media source. Companies that manufacture the electric foot bath products have completely open hands by the state to advertise this product without any responsibility for any danger that that product may pose to a human being. Here they block the video for me. Copy a link and paste it into the web browser and you will see it.

(Ionic Foot Bath : Help or Hoax ?)


Here we have authority, a doctor or chiropractor, what he now calls himself something. It is his chiropractor title and his care uniform that will convince most people into the scam. If you are undamaged by electric current then you are not aware that something so dangerous exists in this world and then most people will go into the alleged body detox. It is because of the state that hides it so well through all government institutions and information censorship. This authority doctor, chiropractor is lying right in the face of anyone watching the advertising video clips, just as psychiatrists and psychologists are lying patients right in the eyes of the truth about what ECT and medicine are for in reality. Foot bathing with bubbly water is perfectly ok, but foot bathing with electric current is a crime that is directly linked to psychiatric care. This electrical detox is part of all the other deadly stimulation devices that cause nerves to die. Here it is not even called electrostimulation but it is just called foot bath detox. This is another trojan of death put out by states to ordinary people. The danger lies not in being cheated on the small sum of money that product costs, but you will be permanently injured and he does not say a word about it. On the surface he advertises product for ordinary people, while in reality under the surface he sweeps people for the state into pharmaceutical companies where later in life need pain relief Seroquel and Zyprexa. Also, these are tools for the police where their words and injuries that this product will cause form a whole that will drag the person all the way to the boundary between life and death or the boundary of nervous breakdown. This is not the same as the other electrostimulation 9 volt devices. Feet and legs need a little more electrical power at low strength to feel negative changes, lost sensation in feet and legs. They lie when they say it’s magnet. What I see in advertising about that product is to attach the electrode to hands and the black lump you put in water. Even without electrodes attached to hands with only the current passing through legs is equally harmful. The alleged negative and positive ionization that is supposed to get the body free from toxins is, in fact, the current passage from the upper body down to the feet. It is a current of more than 9 volts but it does not feel like pain. Foot salt is added after it is used in regular foot care. But in this case salt makes water completely electric current conducting. When you have received this alleged detox treatment for half an hour when you are done with it, you will not feel any damage immediately at a time as feet are more resistant but nothing is resistant to electrical current. They give this treatment at low electric current because you should not feel that you have been damaged by electrical current. When they have convinced one that it releases the body from toxins through detox, then you will possibly choose to buy that product and it may happen that you choose to increase the current on the device higher up, believing that in this way you will release even more of toxins that one has in the body. They manufacture the appliances in such a way that they can give big shocks and that is what they expect people to do. That’s the whole purpose of that product. You should hurt yourself as much as possible. Even if you stop using it and even though you have tested it a limited number of times, it does not matter because injuries have occurred even if you do not know something directly. Damage will always be guaranteed after about one year. Injuries are creeping forward and pain comes after a year. When you go to care where you describe leg pain then general care will tell you that you may have had fibromyalgia disease. When pain comes and when you start to lose understanding then you realize that it is the state that is behind this. This is for people who the police are investigating for crimes. The police, with psychological warfare, lead people in the Trojans of all electrical death and this is just one of them all. All the people that the police do not investigate for crime and who have died are acceptable human loss to the state. On the other hand, they are swept into the pharmaceutical industry and dependent on pain relief for the rest of one’s short life. Then there will also be more work for psychiatric care because that is where you are going with electro foot detox in the end. Here they block the video for me. Copy a link and paste it into the web browser and you will see it.

(Could Detox Foot Baths Actually Remove Toxins From Your Body?)


These should represent research that has revealed a fraud. They represent research from the state authority. They are the saving hand, where they have saved humanity, ordinary people from losing the little money sum that the product foot detox costs. They are an even bigger fraud that convinces people that it is a harmless fraud while not uttering a single word about nerves dying because of the low electrical alleged detox. That nerves die from weak electrical current you will not hear anywhere on the planet. That’s why the state kills us through all the electrical appliances. You would just know what it is like to live with injuries that the harmless appliances have caused on people. That’s when you die and nothing else. Here is info about detox. 1 You cleanse the body from toxins ? No! In the body there are very real toxins that we have received in us through the food we have eaten and the air we breathe. A large part of these are stored in the fat tissue and at rapid weight loss these toxins can be released from the fat tissue. But detox as a diet method or detox product could help in this process is far from proven. Here, the body has several organs that have the task of cleaning the body, kidneys and liver, for example. And they do well in a healthy body! 2 You stay healthy if you detox ? No. A varied diet in a reasonable amount is a way to increase one’s chances of a healthier life while a detox cure is not. 3 You become happier and get energy ? Yes, some people find that they feel good about detoxing. It is probably linked to the fact that you are not satisfied with your usual diet and thus much happier when you feel that you have a character, stick to the set framework and follow a strategy. Just the same way other diets work, you feel good about both the diet and the fact that you might lose something in weight and the psychological that you actually manage what you said you should do. 4 Well-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin are balanced ? No, there is no scientific evidence to suggest such a relationship. 5 Detox is risk-free ? No. The diet for the most part becomes very one-sided, so it is not recommended for long periods of time, although it is not dangerous for a healthy person to exercise for a short period. However, there are groups that should definitely refrain from detox; pregnant, kidney disease, diabetics and those who suffer from, or risk, eating disorders, for example. 6 Your sleep is getting better ? No, not by automaticity but again, the person who eats unhealthily normally and who detoxes for a period can feel easier on both body and soul and it can reduce stress and worry and affect sleep positively. 7 Can bowel diseases such as lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, IBS and Crohn’s disease be improved? Well, with some modification. There are some chronic bowel diseases where the patient with the help of a dietician in the health care, for example, eats liquid for a period to let the intestines rest. It could be said that it is a kind of detox that can have a good medical effect and that takes place under controlled forms so that the patient gets enough of all the nutrients and energy. However, anyone who is lactose or gluten intolerant does not get better from detox, then only the lactose and gluten-free diet will help and then the intestinal flora can return to normal. 8 You experience reduced stress ? Yes, it could be for those people who think that food is hard, boring and demanding and who through detox avoid a moment in their everyday lives. And for those people who experience the stress of eating uncontrolled and who with detox get strict frames to follow for a period of time. And when it works, it feels a little easier, but keep in mind that detox is not something to recommend over a longer period. 9 The cells are repaired and renewed ? Yep! It does the cells all the time, every second, every day of the week, year round – whether detox or non-detox. This is one of the reasons why it is valuable to find good diets that work for one because then the cells have better materials to build on. 10 Substance turnover and combustion are improved ?No, metabolism depends on a number of factors; age, gender, body composition and physical activity level among others. Some foods and substances can have minimal impact on our combustion, including chili, but the effects are so small that they make no difference to the whole. So detox as a method could affect is not true.


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