The truth about 5G

Causing that Corona virus has something to do with 5G is exactly what states want and those who spread this kind of information can be directly recruited by the state as an Internet troll, which should get people lost in confusion in conspiracy theory of 5g. In this way, the people who share such videos make them look permanently untrustworthy even if they speak the truth. If, on the other hand, you try to link real events that are going on in real life with religion and good, then you lose all credibility as a messenger of the truth, because it is impossible to associate the truth with fantasies that have no root in real life. I knew and I expected that Swedish media will utilize this alleged link between Corona virus and 5G as a conspiracy theory, to stamp ordinary people’s fear of 5G as unjustified and with the other population’s conviction that 5G is completely harmless. Remember that I am dying because of the Trojan electric deaths and no one on this planet utters a single word about the real danger that causes people’s nerves to die in minutes and it is not a danger to human health. Here is the Swedish state propaganda spread in the Swedish media:

(Mass destruction of 5G masts – believed to spread Corona virus)


In order for us to know the truth about 5G then we must first know how mobile phones pose a threat to our health and in this video we have a well educated person for that purpose. Dr. Devra Davis explains about mobile radiation:

(”The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation” – Dr Devra Davis)


It was a video in which Dr. Devra Davis in a way disproves the state and raises people’s awareness that mobile infrastructure that is growing like mushrooms among the population of cities is a real danger to public health. In this other video you will see if 5 G is dangerous or not. In this video you see that there was a problem in video transmission where Dr Devra Davis had to interrupt and fix that problem. It could be the state that uses its data hacker techniques, makes such a disruption to her broadcast and lecture, to make her look like she has no control. This is how the state with such suggestive subtle messages manipulates ordinary people’s mental senses, so that people will not see her as a credible scientist. It doesn’t have to be that way, but it can be. While Swedish media mislead people about 5G by lifting up conspiracy theory between Corona virus and 5G and if 5G is dangerous at all for human health, researchers prove that 5g not only harms people but the mobile master infrastructure also harms animals and plants. Here you have the video:

(5G, Wireless Radiation and Health: A Scientific and Policy Update)


5G is pioneering technology for military powers to be able to wage war with, but that technology harms people in many ways and it seems that it will kill human and animal life by wiping out honey bees. It seems that in the end we will have technology but we will not have food on the table and this is due to the state abuse of ordinary people and animals life. Here is an interesting very important video to watch, in case you think 5G is not dangerous for us humans:

(5G Towers EFFECT Bees, Birds, Trees & PEOPLE | FACT or FICTION ???)



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