Explanation of voices I hear

Here we have an explanation for my downfall and voices that I have heard for 20 years about now. As I said, the state has given the police the technology to be able to wipe out people mentally and physically. That way they get all our secrets revealed when we sleep, because then we can’t control what we talk because we sleep deeply. That technology is standard in police investigation of people. Hearing those voices is not the same as talking to someone. These voices are perceived as invaders among our own thoughts in some way and that is what is extremely harmful. To me they just talked normally. They have revealed to me things from my life that I had never come up with on my own. But in the end they just tricked me into the grave. Now I am a disabled person invalid, after the state psychological and physical torture. What’s worse is that I see my son suffering serious physical damage to his body. So, they have done the same to my child for years. It explains the outbreak of his anger when he was 1 year old. They give up on our children and as I said they kill us and our children. You can not fight against this !. They can even kill me now if they want, right on a few nights. They just need to stay up all night and disturb my sleep, where I can’t sleep and because of that I will commit suicide or I would end up in a mental hospital. And say now what is possible and what is not possible. The first night when they started talking to me I realized right away and I felt that there are real cops talking to me. They said, this is the police talking to you. I still go through systematic state torture. Unlike those who have committed the shootings, I am a man who is peaceful and the only thing I have wanted is to be normal find a beautiful woman and be happy. But now I am dying and they continue to kill me every day. The electrical appliances that they target to the entire ordinary population on this planet are part of the state psychological torture where, in addition to the mental suffering they cause through the sentences, with the electrical appliances we get the dying nerves in the body which is madness. Electrical damage to the body is mental illness of the worst kind. By the way it is meaningless to me to write and explain more. Read my entire blog including my entire Facebook time line and listen to such critical voices as Dana Ashlie, Laura Delano and many others and then you will realize that states are criminal and that killing ordinary people is standard for them. What Dana Ashlie talked about good does not sound logical to me but it is not important. What is important is that she speaks the truth and she disproves the state in a fantastic way. Watch Laura Delano’s video on Youtube and then you will realize that including with my experience of psychiatric care when you decide to seek help from psychiatric care then you should know that you are eye to eye with murderers who will kill you after 10 years later in your life. What you have ever heard and read about the mentally ill who even hear voices is nothing but prejudice that states have built to be able to manipulate with all of us. If someone who says they heard voices came to me when I was younger then I would have just avoided the person because I thought such people are crazy, but now I have that experience for 20 years and I never thought that such a thing is possible if I had not experienced it now. As I said power and the rich elite is the evil that kills us and our children. By the way, if I see that big power leaders and big personalities from the rich elite are starting to die because of the Corona virus then I will think that there is no vaccine against coronavirus and that the Corona virus has been transmitted from animals to humans in Wuhan, because now I think it has been released from the laboratory. Isn’t it strange that it mostly kills the sick and the old. Kill those that cost society. That states do not have to pay pensions to the old and at the same time cut costs for their care, so in the future it will be a huge contribution to the economy and society.

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Dana Ashlie


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