Exercise of muscles 2019-12-11

If you’ve been dressed this state trojan horse (nerve poison) then you get nerves die throughout your body.Everything will happen the first time you connect electrodes to your body.It’s about minutes where each electrical impulse cuts nerves throughout the body to death.After a year, pain will always come and with it comes the worst mental illness with all the symptoms of various diagnoses of mental illness and then you will crawl on your knees to general health care that will send you on to psychiatric care as it is only those who have pain relief for electrical damage.They kill people with ECT and that’s why they also have pain relief Seroquel.Everything that I have written about you will get if you go on this genocide fraud.In the end, you will get your life ended somehow.But for you, that you can have a life there is no room for.It is not possible to live with electrical damage, you are constantly dying where injuries get worse every day.It means doomsday for anyone who tests one of an infinite number of different electrical stimulation devices that exist as a death trap to harm people to death and nothing else.When you start testing it at low current strength then you can realize that you have not been harmed and then you can believe that I am lying here.You will not feel pain because it does not hurt.But if you continue with it for a few more minutes, then you will come to a moment where you will notice the first symptoms a numbness in the skin and it is already too late, damage is done.Then it gets worse and worse.In the end, pain comes and you have ended up in mass graves where millions of people across the planet that states have killed in this way.By the way, in this case, injuries are less because of adipose tissue but nerve death is guaranteed.I wish you all the best in your life.Watch out for this because it is death.


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