Electrical stimulation apparatus that has led me to death.Updated with text 2019-12-10

I bought this appliance at http://www.Sinful.se, of these mass murderers:

without being given a warning that the appliance will cause my body and nerves to die, where injuries occur directly upon first contact with the deadly appliance.This is the most evil and most harmful death trap in human history that is so harmful that it causes identical damage with the crocodile drug where you lose limbs but dead body parts do not rot away immediately as in the case of the crocodile drug but you look whole while nerves die and then contact between the body organs with time is completely broken.When people become paralyzed in a car accident then they have nerves cut off in the back where they lose feeling completely in the legs and lower body.Then bones have lost their function and then they are equal to amputated from the undamaged part of the body.They fade away.In one moment before the accident you were healthy and unharmed while after the accident you are paralyzed and thrown all the way to the brink of life and death into a disability full of suffering but in this case you do not become mentally ill while with the device at 9 volts you automatically become mentally ill and now I will explain in what way and why.That device produces absolutely no one sexual excitement and has no purpose where it can be used as a sex toy.All devices, of various kinds, sold to people claiming to be stimulated and sexually excitement, are in fact an international crime against humanity that states commit on ordinary people.All the 9 volts and smaller appliances are actually laid out by states such as the Trojan horse, which instead of giving sexual excitement, people will get the whole lower body amputated where they will even die eventually, because of this.The advertising on the internet about the devices and censorship where I have not found on the whole internet a single warning about potential danger that the devices can pose for the body has convinced me that it is just a harmless product.I tested it for 15 or 20 minutes and waited for it to fulfill the purpose that the Danish mass murderers at http://www.Sinful.se claim to give me.But that claim was just a deadly crime advertising fraud that should trick me into testing it at all.Instead of sexual excitement that didn’t even exist for a second so after 15 minutes at the end the only thing I’ve experienced is numbness and then I’ve thrown it straight away.It was the same feeling as a dentist’s anesthetic.It was so obvious that I had a direct loss of feeling.I thought numbness would disappear until the next day but it was left.I have been exposed to crimes going on in it now.It was only the beginning of hell coming late.After about a year, pain came.For you to know what damage all electrical stimulation appliances including this causes on the human body, then because of the suffering I had to write the entire blog, otherwise I would never have written a single word.The apparatus and all endless varieties in reality are tools for the state where it forms a whole with the drug industry against mental illness and the police who use the death trap to cause injury to the body that will lead the individual who the police is investigating for crimes into physical and mental collapse.Damage that the appliances cause to the human body is mental illness of the worst kind.It is from here that psychiatric claims care has picked up all diagnoses of mental illness that they distribute to uninjured patients who come to them because of traumatic events from their lives that have caused them to feel anxious, depressed,anxiety,sorrow and so on.They lie and convince people that they should believe in and accept their mental illness picture where they will be medicated with harmful drugs for the rest of their lives while psychiatric care will never mention a word that they have a treatment with ECT that will literally kill them if they go for it.Psychiatric care is lying about ECT and if the patient has received the bad treatment when the patient realizes which damage to the brain they have received, then guilt is blamed on themselves after they have done it by their own will.In addition, psychiatric care killers will say that injuries cannot be proven while in reality it is the state that is behind the execution where the state investigates the individual for crimes.Everyone with mental illness has not committed a crime but if they go on that treatment with ECT then the state sees them as acceptable human life loss.I think psychiatric care recommends such patients medication instead.ECT is the cover for permissible sales of the 9-volt devices that enable the entire population to be destroyed.Before getting damaged with ECT or 9 volt appliances,psychiatric care is lying to patients that they have the diagnosis while down being damaged by ECT, the 9 volts and less electric current strength appliances,so you have now got all different diagnoses of mental illness and not only that, you have got nerves dead and you literally also die and it is state secret where the state commits crime, murder of ordinary people.Psychiatric care deceives people into death through ECT and they never tell the truth to people that they will be harmed to death by ECT.In order for you to understand everything then you should read my blog from the beginning, chapter one to the end. Read the entire blog and then you will understand what reality we live in.


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