Chapter 3 Islam, Democracy and Freedom


Unbelievably,nowadays one can best see as an example of what democracy is for something.Once upon a time Julian Assange has been a hero when it came to political opinion and now he is no longer.No matter what political edge you have been bit into, it does not matter.If it is left center or right they only care about us on the surface.Politicians use our emotions as a weapon against ourselves.They conjure up some encouraging They conjure up some encouraging fawning words to us with lots of lies and empty promises and we become completely apart from ourselves as if we have met our media TV idol, where the admirers behave like hysterical idiots,where they mislead us,exploit us and then fumble they us when we are no longer needed.When we see that a state,no matter what,commits massacres on innocent civilians,then everyone reacts with dismay.If nothing else,a state is criticized in the media.But when a state,no matter what secretly stamps its war crimes against men women and children,then suddenly all the attention is focused on Julian Assange as he has revealed documentary and video where there is great evidence of their own crimes.Now suddenly it seems that the massacre is not even a crime.But it is crime to spread evidence of war crimes secretly stamped documents.Then they say we should kill that damn.Why,I think he has served his sentence in the worst possible way,just like I have here in Sweden where now at the end, there is nothing left of me anymore.All of a sudden,people should feel sorry for politicians and the power that has been revealed as if they are offended in some way.Nobody stands above the law, so neither do you Julian Assange,they say.It is you politicians who stand above the law where you kill ordinary people as it suits you as this country has done to me.He has revealed that the state monitors every citizen of America.Sweden too monitors every citizen in their country.The fact that they are monitoring us all is only half the truth.What I have written about closed chapters in my life is the way they monitor an individual with full force.So here it is to be monitored.In addition to monitoring, they also kill us with words.You can kill with words.They constantly lie in the media about everything.Half the news is the truth and half are pure lies and it is the state itself that is lying to its people.Even now I hear about shootings in Stockholm.Criminals do not go on this.Sometimes when they say that shooting has occurred so in one case it is true,in another it is a lie that may not have even happened.As I said it is an advertising propaganda that should encourage you to be on guard against each other where you should nicely take weapons in your hands and where you should kill each other.I don’t carry weapons even though I’m in the danger of a lifetime so you shouldn’t either.It is the Swedish state that kills people and journalists only keep silent about whatever happens while at the same time spreading state propaganda where power fights for us all against undemocratic values where we live in security and equality and freedom.We only have to follow state guidelines so we are safe and if we feel bad then we should seek help where we will go to the scavenger of psychiatric care where we can get drugs that will cure us,though we must take them for the rest of our lives.Sweden has Auschwitz in its country,many billion industry lethal products and they just keep quiet about it.They want Julian Assange to be extradited to Sweden after it is alleged that he has sexually abused two Swedish women.Primarily he is no friend to those women.Friends are the ones you know for many years while they have come to know him as a famous person through the media.Police have acquitted him of charges of sexual exploitation since when was the CIA now wanting him extradited to America then Sweden wants to resume it in court so that he will be extradited to Sweden for rape on the two women so that they can extradite him to America.On the radio,I have listened to it and a man has described that event in such a fantastic way where he calls it the event,his overnight stay with the two women for a whorehouse.The radio host was lightning quick to take the Swedish populism propaganda garbage by saying that in Sweden there is freedom that prevails where it is common for women to give friends a place and bed to sleep on.What he wants to emphasize and say is that because the listener who has rightly called it a whorehouse comes from the Middle East,I think it was,so this is civilized behavior here in Sweden while it is not in the Muslim world.So he feels sorry for the two women while it is perfectly OK that this country has violated all possible human rights in my case, where I lost half my body, where I went through a psychological torture from the first day when I came to this country.It is a good question if it was not a political trap for him and even though he has done that they have been sexually exploited by him,it is worse crime in the eyes of the state than the crime I have been exposed to where I experience death anxiety that severe mortals experience when they die.They experience it once in their life while I experience it every night.So here to get hurt,such damage you get Sweden when you go to the shower room in Auschwitz and when you come into contact with a military weapon nerve poison and you just pretend that this does not even exist in reality while I’m getting mad because of broken nerves and much more than that.My body dies as if I have real cancer that is spreading in my body more and more.Why have the women been in his company at all.How does this happen that they spent the night together in the same room from the beginning if they do not want anything to do with him.I think it is a crime to sexually exploit someone but it is not even possible to compare with the crime that I have been exposed to,not even being sexually exploited as a child can be compared to the crime that I and thousands of other people who have become exposed to crime in Sweden.It may not be about thousands of injured people to death.It can be about tens of thousands and maybe hundreds of thousands of dying individuals in Sweden.It depends on how many of all the appliances are sold to people at 9 volts electrical voltage.It does not matter what purpose the devices are meant for now whether it is about sex toy, pain relief or muscle training So in the end it is just about where on the body you will receive death injuries that will decompose the body and erase the brain through years where you rush towards the cemetery into the grave.I have reported to the police about the worst of the worst crimes on this planet but it seems like all of them are preventing me so I can’t even prove that I have been injured and that it can at all harm a person while they are hurting and the drugs drain me on my life.I suffer as in hell where not even Jesus Christ has suffered so much.But the death is sold to people while in the media it is kept quiet about it.The rulers,the wealthy elite and all the public greats instead of uttering a few words about the mass murder that goes on in front of the eyes of 7 billion people about the right figure now so no one dares to utter a word about the power abuse they all send some kind of pathetic subtle pantomime and gesture signals of their support for human rights which will be spread to primitive indigenous society ranging from communist and post-communist states to the Muslim world in the Middle East and even Africa.I talk about my death and at the same time I am blocked by the police as if I am spreading hatred and threatening lies and as if I have committed some crime against democracy where I violate human rights that do not even exist in this Swedish society.I am writing about pure truth that is going on in reality right now.They are blocking and they have blocked me for 16 years now.I have posted my mobile phone number completely open on Facebook profile and my blog.But no one has ever sent me at least hate and threatening comments considering what I’ve written about so far.I have put my hotmail completely open, not even there I have received a single message from foreign haters.I have written blog in my desperation because of the crime I have been exposed to and even there hardly anyone reads it.Scandal where a person talks about their private life,where they reveal embarrassments about themselves,where they are ashamed of themselves,is the most wanted topic to read about.People most enjoy seeing someone’s suffering,misfortune,doom and the end of one’s life.I’m not looking for followers for fun.I’m looking for followers so I know for sure that my blog is read by people.I am looking for the truth that I have realized about the reality we live in to come out so that ordinary people know that the state is committing crime while they are investigating crime.They keep me isolated and have kept me isolated all the time.It is an extension of their punishment where they push me and where they silence me because in this way they have done so to me from the first day I came to this country.This Swedish state boasts about human rights.What the fuck human rights,human rights do not exist in this country.They have harmed me mentally and indirectly in a physical way so that I will admit crime.I did so,I confessed my crime 16 years ago and there they did not give me human right to serve my sentence in prison so that I deserve my freedom.I have never been free in my life in this country Sweden.I have been trapped and isolated in inhumane conditions,as if I were not even a human being.All this fades in comparison to what this state has done to me so far.I have no free will.By hurting me to death they have made me take this path that I have taken,as it is the most expected choice of mine that I can make during such obedience.If they have hurt me to death I can no longer like this country.I have been grateful to this country like no other but now there is nothing to be grateful for.This country has killed me through the police and psychiatric care.Even general care is a question mark for from the day I entered the deadly estimation trap and the day I operated,I dove right into the grave.My body dies while I’m still alive and they don’t stop the sale of the deadly electrical debris death trap.They imprison small criminals in prison for years while allowing a Sinful sex purchase to commit massacres on the population and why.Therefore,because it is the state that has intended it for individuals that they want to execute and that they simply lead into this electrical death.I see now that their goal was never to finish that police investigation.The electrical damage that the -estim- has caused on my body starts an automatic process of annihilation of my body,soul and psyche where I have absolutely no control.Because in the beginning I was vulnerable so they have built on my self confidence so I will see the bright future while in fact it was a honey trap who will recruit me to stay solitary with my attention locked on a fantasy of light and hope for the future.That time of celibate isolation has hurt my personality which has led me into the electrical death trap that they have put out to all of us.They have attracted me with their support.They encourage me and warn me of things that I already know are a danger to me,like alcohol for example.They kept telling me that I would end up in court in the end but they told me ”it will not be as you think it will be”.I wondered how could it be in any way unknown to me after that according to the state it is about crimes and terminations in court and if I have admitted crime and they have not wanted to sentence me to prison then how can it be in a another way then.I now understand that it should not be as I think it should be,after which I now see that they took me in legalized death penalty.The state literally executes people with camouflaged discreetly in a complete media silence where the state drives and protects the mass murder gear.Now injuries have ruined and decayed my body and psyche.Now there is no light because I have lost my body and I lose more of my body.Life for me is impossible to live.They say that psychiatric care investigates out if people are a danger to themselves or others.But it is injuries that beat you around the clock and because of the suffering you end up going crazy.They make you a danger by harming people with the electrical death trap.It exists to drive people to madness.The more damage spreads in the body,the more you are violent and crazy because it causes so much pain in the body that you want to commit suicide.With all the realization that I am dying then when I hear the disgusting broadcasters on the radio while I work how they talk around the clock about insignificant disjointed things and where they warn of insignificant dangers while I have written about genocide and my end of life,then I realize how they participate in that mass murder by misleading people,they brainwash and fool one into ignorance that there is a genocide underway where it is only ordinary people who fall for it as they are not aware of it.As I said,I now see that the police’s goal was never to finish that police investigation against me.It’s me they were looking to destroy,harm where I now demonize and downgrade myself because of injuries now while we see the politicians in the media how they boast that they have invented all the human fine democracy freedom and humanism that they would like to spread around the world as the Swedish example about what the world should be like.These injuries completely annihilate my consciousness and my personal existence from my body.There is still a body that is drained of soul,I am just a wound that burns alive,I am now a death wandering among all living people.I shouldn’t even exist with such injuries.This shouldn’t be possible anyway, that’s my reality.All electrical killing devices are the greatest secret in human history,protected by the state as the foremost and most important weapon on the planet,enabling the state to completely annihilate a human being in a mental way,where they change a person from normal to an invalid where they destroy one’s body and at the same time they change the damaged part of one’s body to a factory that produces obedience from hell that destroys an awareness of this body and the reality in which we live.My consciousness hovers between life and death around the clock without interruption,it doesn’t even diminish for a second.If a human being goes into the deadly -estim- trap that is an artist,musician no matter what, that talent will be wiped out with the damage including one’s personality and all human traits.One ends up being a human being.You can never engage in this art anymore, but instead you want to scream out of pain right out.Society does not even allow you to prove that you have been harmed by this and they do not allow it to be classed as a crime so that it will be impossible for ordinary people to drive it to court,or that it can even harm a person at all.The state protects it so that they can annihilate even more people that they have chosen for some reason only as they know.They are not looking to cope with crime,but they are looking to harm the person they are investigating for crime.Every step the power takes is well thought out.For each step they take,they create several different shortcuts for themselves where they can withdraw from all responsibilities as if they have nothing to do with it.I read somewhere that care by scanning a brain can see if a person is a psychopath or not even if that person has not shown psychopathic traits and they claim that it is scientific research.I think it is one more way the state has added in its arsenal of various tools where they can attack and reduce ordinary people through their extension arm of psychiatric care where they can demonize and call us mentally inadequate psychopaths if we prevail against them,while every step taken by the state is just,fair and error free.To me,psychopaths are the ones who cause harm and suffering to people and no one has ever mentioned that the state can commit psychopathic crime.I think state psychopathy can rightly be called fascism and crime against humanity.All the state propaganda in the media about human rights,all equal value,all the nice and beautiful words that they know we would like to hear about,all this fraud I have gone on, just as the majority of Swedes and immigrants have done.I have voted and I have also recruited my child to vote on the left edge.I do not say that our two votes are important, they do just as well without us but see how they while talking about fairytale world where there is harmony with all equal value,where everyone is protected so that their lives do not end badly while at the same time they hurting people to death in a black denial of silence.When it comes to the breaking ECT and electrical stimulation of 9 volts where you spread it to the population,where you commit that crime while at the same time keeping silent about it so that your actions are equivalent to war crimes and any of the decision makers who are responsible for this deadly fraud should be legally sentenced in the Hague Tribunal,because it is such a serious crime.It is said that Sweden Democrats are a fascist party.I think all of you from left to right are fascist parties when it comes to cases where it concerns me.I understand that now.I haven’t carried guns and I haven’t shot anyone.Some have perished and been killed while I walked out of the hands of death alive from this war in former Yugoslavia.It is perhaps because of this that the Swedish police have punished me with the death penalty for proving to me that even the same fate has caught me here in Sweden and that in time of peace.Or is it that it will be a beautiful and sweet music of contentment in the ears of super power.Sweden automatically stays a country of example how Sweden treats a Muslim from Bosnia even 100 times worse than what has been treated in the actual war in Bosnia considering that I have been given more of human rights in Keraterm than I have ever had here in Sweden.I went through war in former Yugoslavia without firing a single shot at another man.I was so unlucky that I was a little in all sorts of different places where you would prefer not to be.The Swedish state has known it from the first day I came to this country so it can be problematic as for Sweden no matter what I am inside as an individual it is my name that has sentenced me to my downfall.for those,I am a simple Muslim from Bosnia and to allow it to end well for me it can be problematic as it then becomes an advertisement for immigrants to come to Sweden for a better life.Sweden has sent,once in a while Jews and others back where they came from into mass graves,so I think they must have had Nazi agents in Sweden who monitored it all.I was at war and I was just a spectator who kept quiet and watched because I could do nothing but save my own life with silence and hope that I will come out of this alive.I know how it goes with in war.I doubt that in World War II they have apologized to the refugees we are sorry but we cannot accept you,but they may have executed some of the women men and children to impress the Nazis so that they show their loyalty to Nazi Germany.I have nothing against Germany and the German people just like I have nothing against the Serbian people I want peace with them and all other peoples on this planet.I come from Muslim family and it is natural that I love the Muslim world that I looking like me own.I love all people regardless of race and religion it is maybe because I am an Atheist and instead of seeing the religious boundaries they are not for me but it is so obvious that we are still judged by what we are called by first name.In the end,Sweden sees a Muslim in me who does not deserve to live and they do not care what I think and what I want.Therefore, they want to be neutral in such a way that since they have almost killed me,they now prove that on one side, they want Julian Assange extradited to Sweden where they in turn want to extradite him to America and there have they bought their support from their allied NATO country America.On the other hand, they have harmed me to extinction and annihilation to death where,in my suffering,not only did I suffer badly in the Yugoslav war,they have done to me such epic gigantic crime where they calm the Russian destruction torch that burns a thousand times brighter than a World War II Nazi torch.All the terrible thing that has happened to me here in Sweden is just a taster of what will happen to all people who carry a Muslim name if war breaks out.Under the surface,they treat immigrants with Muslim names in the same way as me.Their children end up in prison for years if they commit crimes.However you do,it ends badly for us even if we commit crimes or not.So this is when the powers of the world play chess with an insignificant life that costs no one a Muslim life from Bosnia, my life as a bet and nobody else’s.Had I not been a Muslim this would never happen to me this way.Had I been Russia then Sweden would never have dared in its wildest imagination of any such thing where they violate all conceivable human rights towards me.If I had been a Russian then in that case they would have sentenced me 16 years ago according to human rights.If you are shocked by what I have written about then you should ask yourself instead what crime is that which the state commits to Us ordinary people go through the scavenger psychiatric care because that is where it begins and has started with the ECT and then on with all the dozen different electrical appliances.I would never in my wildest imagination talk like this if it wasn’t the realization that I see I will die from this and this is such a serious crime that you die around the clock.It is the state that abuses its population and I think it is time for someone to tell the truth so that everyone knows how the state with lies misleads people into the grave and they keep on night after night without ever ending while at the same time they do not want to judge one.Everything I’ve said is true.Whether you like it or not,it’s the way they handle crime.They use technology surveillance equipment and come unnoticed in our dreams where the road is open for them to access our most intimate secrets.It seems that with this technology they can reach us wherever we are on this planet and it seems that it goes through walls just like when the US embassy employees, who have been harmed by mysterious sounds where they belong it and sees no source of that sound.I have read about a woman who has described that her daughter has had some problems with the law where she has committed minor crimes, where she ended up a bit into drug abuse and at the end she hears disturbing noise that no one else hears.In faith in the state and psychiatric care, she self-admitted to the closed psychiatric clinic where one morning they found her dead in poisoning.Even in her case,it may be technology that is cause just like in the case of injured US embassy employees.In her case,there is crime involved and then she hears disturbing noise and voices.


That’s what I say the police kill people with technology where they interfere with our sleep.There is nothing honest and fair in neither the police,the state or the psychiatric care.The image they serve to us in the media is the fairy tale world that they want us to see and believe in.This is the true reality under the surface that they are not talking about.They get to know everything about us where you use all the government agencies to crack and crush us, such as me personally.This state boasts that they are so human that they do not even allow animals to be exposed when they are slaughtered while at the same time they have led me into their laid deadly harmful trap of electrical stimulation I have been slaughtered,where I scream now in my despair and obedience.Everybody who has gone into this trap electrical stimulation with 9 volts or far superior worse ECT at all times they have all been driven by the terrible pain that you can not even explain with words to commit an extreme act just like I do now where I write and utter words that I had never wanted to utter before.All they are confronted by the state and the media with total silence for this is the death trap of the state and all the media boasting about Swedish humanism just keep silent, not a word about this.What has happened to those people I do not know because the world’s powers keep us isolated from each other through media that does not utter a word about it and through Google search engine that censors the truth for all of us it will not come out,but what comes out is just advertising on the deadly products but no truth.Google decides what should be seen so anyone who has been harmed by this and who wants to share that information with other ordinary people will be blocked in all possible ways by Google and the entire state,where their testimonials in blog become invisible to other people so they can never find each other.In this way ordinary people can never share that experience with each other and because of this affair,crime becomes invisible to people forever.There you see what is democracy for something where we all have the right to know the truth.On news I have read about where they say that everyone who writes a blog also has responsibility for what they write about but not a single word about this electric multi-billion industry where they trick us into death and then they keep silent no matter what happen while I have reported it then they prevent me from proving the crime that I have been exposed to.I write all that and everyone pretends I don’t even exist.Now I understand why they have driven me crazy for 16 years now.It was because I have to hit someone in the face so that they have a good reason to lock me in jail or even worse in mental hospitals and there they finish the criminal investigation where a Bosnian Muslim is involved.Through life,I have been told about people who have reached the end of their lives because of the state where they have been injured to almost death in one way or another due to various government reprisals and government abuse.I was healthy and completely unharmed then and I thought something like that would never happen to me as I’m not looking to hurt people.Besides,I’m not even criminal.My only mole was that I should be law-abiding and that I should be happy and have a life like all ordinary people, no exaggerated dreams.The people and their ruined life in my eyes looked like something terrible.It just aroused anxiety for me where I don’t want to believe that such abuse is possible while states are pretending to be fair.Now I realize that the Swedish state has done the same to me while pretending to be the ones who punish criminals people who commit crimes while their state acts lead people into death.This time it is not about a completely unknown person to me that it is about,but this time it is myself who has ended my life because it is the question of how long I can live with these injuries from death.Now for all of you who read the words I write now it is I who is the person who has been massacred by the state and you are the onlookers who witness the state abuse of an individual and that individual is me.It is you who are healthy whole and undamaged where you cannot even imagine the obedience that I go through around the clock.I guess you just like me for once in a while just want to forget about this as something completely impossible and that it can go on in reality right now,it may not be true.But it is exactly true and it goes on in reality under state permission and total media silence.All states are the same where they use propaganda and where they have built a picture full of prejudice against someone who has mental health problems.Everyone gets the idea that the sick person is coming to events out of their imagination while the All states are the same where they use propaganda and where they have built a picture full of prejudice against someone who has mental health problems.Everyone gets the idea that the sick person is coming to events out of their imagination while the scavenger psychiatric nurses always speak the truth.Who is it that commits crime now.Is it I who speak the truth about my ended life or is it the power that speaks the truth by keeping silent about the multibillion-industry fraud of the deadly electrical appliances that, when you come into contact with one,have been given one-way ticket to a another multibillion industry drug companies that do not help people recover but they stun one and give a deadly overweight that you can’t get rid of as long as you take the junk medicine.They have made ”science fiction” of the human psyche where they claim it is so complicated that they fight for life in the best of humanity to obtain medicines that will help people who are feeling ill while tailoring their medication Lyrica which goes perfectly in interaction with the damage that you get from the electrical appliances at once,directly.They silence a person who is hurt by this and there you see how the police and the state use all this to lead a person to death and madness.The only thing we can do as ordinary people is to say it to each other so that state lying scams are revealed.To recover is really very simple.Arrange the problem that is affecting you.Guilt is the worst thing that can kill one and that can make one completely crazy.Stop using alcohol drugs cigarettes so that the brain can recover and the last walk 5 km three or four times a week or run for half an hour 4 days a week and you will be cured.It is not more complicated than that.Everything that I have written should open your eyes to what awaits you and what you will get from psychiatric care and the fair state if you put all your trust in that they will cure you.They are the state and they make money giving us all the alleged care and the medicine and finally if it does not help you because of the secret you keep quiet and who eat you inside then they have the final help death ECT and then your life is over.Cognitive therapy is a cure.Talking to a psychologist will not help you but when you have acknowledged your mistakes that you have made in your life and when you have fixed the problem and when you have freed yourself from that guilt then you will recover.You never become who you once were,but it is still far more the right way to go than to take the junk medicine that pharmaceutical companies have tailored to the state.The police take you away from social surroundings so that you become isolated just like they have done to me if there are crimes involved in your life.Words are put as subconscious suggestions thought that can stimulate people in the direction they want.They can lead a person’s dreams in a direction where the person dreams about what they are talking to him about,for example,money,sex,power honoring celebrity and so on.It is in this way that they attract and trick people into the trap and people blame everything on themselves as they think they have dreamed just about it,in case they come unnoticed in people’s dreams.Of course you can do all this without them and also it happens but they have the power to lead one even further into hell just as they have done to me although I can never prove it but I can prove the damage and that is why I talking about all this now.When they hold on to their police investigation and when they hit an area in one’s life it doesn’t matter because after that you fall apart in all areas and all the human characteristics.I forgot to say before I started writing about all this I have had Seroquel from psychiatric care so I had to go to them to get prescriptions for this junk which is necessary for me to be able to sleep at all due to the injuries that I got at one time from the electro stimulation device from Sinful.So I moved that prescription from psychiatric care to my general care,regular doctors because I have realized that psychiatric care is a scam and fraud.They are not even doctors and any healthcare,but they are medicine longer for large drug companies’ state drug cartels and nothing else.They are almost like the police because mental illness is directly linked to difficult traumatic experiences such as crime,for example,although not all of them apply naturally and psychiatric care is a madhouse and nothing else.We all believe in those because of the state that has convinced us that we believe in the constant media propaganda bombardment and media state lies until one day we realize the truth when they have hurt one to death and that’s enough proof for one that they don’t speak the truth and that the whole system is a gigantic advertising propaganda and deception of power where in the end it is all about money and nothing else.The fact that I write now means that I have stopped taking the lobotomy garbage Lyrica so that my thoughts can be cleared a little so that I can think reasonably clearly and normally but I feel that they are hurting me mentally and that I disappear as a person.After a time without Lyrica,anxiety becomes unbearable so I have to take Lyrica again where pain is not lowered but it numbs my psyche so that I am pretty much unaware that I am dying in pain and then I cannot come to a single word where I am simply downed and lobotomized.After a time with Lyrica,my life becomes unbearable because of Lyrica, after which comes the feeling of unreality with death’s anxiety where I die and my psyche disappears and then I have to stop taking Lyrica so that I come back into reality again.I am in such a state where I cannot stay anywhere but I hover back and forth between life and death.All this gives the state to us as its state commitment and care towards us citizens.It is easy to make fun of me because anyone can do this to me.They just need to take my luggage away from my life,but it is not about this is about my life being extinguished.It is not only that this country has made me a Clown but they have massacred my body.I feel psychologically good as I have no reason to feel bad mentally but I feel terribly bad psychologically due to injuries that produce mental suffering.Think about what pleasure it gives to an xenophobic racist the possibility that he can get into people’s dreams and knowing that he has stolen 16 years of my life where,in addition to that,I have fallen into the same state of death trap that the same state has laid out for all of us.That they destroy us while they are investigating us I am aware of but I am 100% sure that they have caused disturbing noise even to my children when he was little which caused concentration difficulties which in turn was a brake in my son’s development and schooling.I’m almost sure they whispered to him unnoticed even now,and there’s nothing I can do to save him.They can drive a child into suicide for a few days or they can last for over 20 years where they corrupt the boys’ minds with foreign sentences that the boys experience as their own.That is the reality we live in.I can tell you who are under police investigation and worse still hear voices disturbing noise or whatever now it may be.If you have suffered in your life then the Swedish media system will automatically call you a victim but in reality beneath the surface all the obedient Police will use against you to destroy you and crush you until there is nothing left of you at the end.So they have done to me and they continue to destroy me.I suppose they are after my death.That you have suffered in your life does not matter to them.The suffering they will use against you by misleading you with alleged support from their side towards you,they will trick you into false security and they are looking to pull you into death trap which is one of the all different 9 volt appliances for it is the end of your life.They are looking to kill you just as they have done to me.But since I have said this and if you have read my words then you have much greater happiness and luck than I have had.I give you a warning that will save your life.Unlike your case,no one has warned me of the death trap and the truth was well censored for me.I have saved you at least from the worst of the worst crimes in the history of humanity that no one utters a single word about.They are police parasites that influence your judgment when you make everyday decisions where they bite a little at a time everywhere and they slowly take over your life from you where they always have one last word that should always make you doubt your decisions and at yourself.No one wants someone’s opinion of what it should be like,but they force their opinion into your mental psyche with force so that you start to doubt yourself.And then you slowly start to be challenged all the time.Because of this,your self-feeling and self-confidence is damaged for life.Add to this that by such intruders they make you even angry.It is their next system of annihilation of your soul and personality after which you are now a neuros nerve wreck that is damned angry and it is harmful.Out on the surface you have no reason to be angry while you are angry under the surface because of them.It is not your surroundings that have made you angry and angry but it is voices.It sounds very crazy when you think about it but it is the power that the police have towards us ordinary people through the damn fucking technology surveillance equipment and if you were to start now dragging this anger through verbal conflict on someone else then you appear and act like a madman and you know it is so.It is even worse if you pull that anger over your own child then your band will be damaged to your family.That is why I have always made it clear to me who is what makes me damn and I have always been kind to my surroundings and especially to my children because I know they want to crush everything I have including my band to my child.They provoke the hatred of them and it is well tried method so you should hate them while you do not even know what they look like.They reach you,they can shit on you if they want in your dreams while you yourself are completely helpless.So my life looks like.You can just imagine how much I hate them with this electrical damage from hell.I think of them all the time and I hate them like no other.Everything is OK if you are not injured but when you are damaged by the 9 volt stimulation device death trap it is only then that their words go into perfect interaction in the annihilation of your soul and that is when the state death trap is completed.They want to kill you and they kill with words and if you think that the state would not do that then we can see that as soon as war breaks out,even children get their heads cut off.Sweden does not want to make it open but in words they have the power to lead and they lead our children for trivial crimes or for whatever reason where it may be because they are named or that they are just our children.They can lead them into decay where they provoke anxiety and our children become anxious where they in turn give up on the closest in their social environment such as their partner or family and just like that,they isolate themselves just as they have done to me.They can get them to commit crimes and to make wrong decisions.Children will blame everything on themselves as it comes out of their minds and they will think that it is they themselves who have done wrong.Their lives go to waste while the police or any of the power children and the wealthy elite’s own children sleep peacefully in while our especially immigrant children who have Muslim names end up in hell.There is no place for us in this country I see it now.


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