Chapter 7-The death penalty of the Swedish state

The death penalty exists throughout the world, it exists and has existed at all times.In Sweden, the death penalty is widely used as standard by all different electrical appliances.The state has built a lead for itself through all its institutions against ordinary people where the state is hundreds of steps ahead of ordinary people and we ordinary people have no chance that we can defend ourselves against power after which thanks to the media propaganda, we do not believe that the state has too intent to harm us to death.Everything we see on TV, magazines, all news, all advertising is a theater that the state draws as a show in front of our ordinary people’s eyes.All the media propaganda is to get us obedient to the state, that we should not question power, that we see them as something fair, noble as authority holiness.Watch the TV program called for wanted,the only thing we see here is criminals’ committed crimes and there we see police men and women in their uniforms radiating a sense of state justice fighting for the safety of us ordinary people from criminal demons.The second program is the wizard hunter, which is an extension of state power exercising where he chases people who anonymously harass certain people through social platforms where they bully, harass, insult, threaten and so on.They care about the mental suffering that people have been exposed to while massacring people through electrical appliances where we are murdered.We die in the most dreadful afflictions and suffering where we disappear into something similar with decay while we are still alive, and this secret they have protected with silence at all times.They do not see this because it is precisely the state that kills people and they are part of the state propaganda where they mislead people away from the truth about the electric massacre slaughter knife.They are state police television programs and they are just part of the state propaganda machinery that aims to get people’s attention directed to the crimes that the state has chosen that should be classified and punished as crimes, while they have put the electrical death as a death trap and through the electric death trap they murder us and our children.They know what damage the 9 volt appliance causes on the human body and it is no coincidence that appliances of 9 volt power and less are available for sale to humans.9 volts burn everything in its path through the body.There is no warning signal when you have connected the electrodes on the body and started the device, it is something that deceives us in such a way that we do not experience it as a danger to our lives.Each impulse damages the nerves, vessels, muscle cells of the internal body organs as the electrical current flows through the body.The longer you allow electric current to flow through the body, the more damage the body gets.The first warning signal you notice is numbness and then it is too late.Then you realize that you have been injured because of that device and then you throw it away.That information you will not find anywhere on the internet and it is because the state has severe censorship so that we ordinary people can never access that warning about the danger to our lives and thus they protect the terror gear from being revealed so that the state can continue to kill ordinary people, one by one.It is a tool that is part of the police investigation where it constitutes a whole and an opportunity where the police can, thanks to this opportunity, annihilate people they are investigating for crime to death.With these injuries life is impossible, you suffer in so many different ways at the same time.Injuries attack the brain as when leukemia attacks the body.These are wounds that never heal, instead they become 20 times worse from month to month and at the same time you lose brain and mind more and more.It is pain that never heals and it produces suffering and anger that can be compared literally to Rabies disease.Electrical damage produces suffering and insanity, where one becomes insanely angry without any real reason.It is an abuse you get from your damaged nerves day and night.The suffering leads one to madness where one wants to be avenged for this crime that one has been exposed to.The pain of Rabies from hell beats me again and again.Many times a day there comes a feeling where it has hit the last hour of my life where I say it is enough now,I can no longer cope with the suffering, but I can not do anything about it because parts of my body are lost forever.Those parts of my body should be buried in the cemetery and that is the awful truth of state permitting the allowed existence of the electric death’s butcher knives at 9 volts electric current strength.The Swedish state has crucified me where I am suffering to death.The electrical damage I received was the start of wiping out my existence from the living world.Suffering is repeated around the clock every second of a day.More and more of my body is dying and the pain is getting worse and worse.I don’t live, I die.The reason I still live in freedom is that I fight for life every day, so I make no mistake that can get me locked up by the Swedish state that has exposed me to crime and injured me to death.But the injuries get worse and they give me no room for a normal life.They lead me right into suicide because of the inhuman suffering.As you can see, I’m talking all the worst now about the state and the state blocking my blog where they make me look like invisible to other ordinary people.This is a state system how they annihilate ordinary people where they have committed the worst crime against me and it will get me labeled as crazy.On the surface, society is allegedly caring about people who say they want to kill themselves, while in reality it is precisely the state that causes suffering that leads one into suicide.I do not live, but I fight for life and death where I tell myself every day that I have survived another day without committing suicide and any verbal or physical failure due to this inhuman suffering.But suffering leads me right into this end of my life and into mental nervous breakdowns and collapse where before or later I will make a mistake.It is the purpose of existence of ECT, TASER, 9 volt stimulation devices to drive a man to madness, where you will be guilty because of suffering and it is the worst way to be punished by the state.It is the only way the state transforms a person who does not want to commit wrongdoing and crime from innocent to guilty in the end.You can’t say to me, jerk you up, think positive.Those parts of my body should be buried in the cemetery and that is the awful truth of state permitting the allowed existence of the electric death’s butcher knives at 9 volts electric current strength.You can’t say to me, move you up, think positive because I think positive and I’m not depressed but it is pain that drives me to commit suicide just because pain would disappear and it is equivalent to having come in contact with sarin or novichok nerve poison.It is they all different racists and fascists, criminals in parliament who have legalized it death and they just pretend that they do not know about it.According to them, they have nothing to do with this or anything else.They have to do with everything for all government institutions including us ordinary people we follow and we all have to follow the laws passed by parliament politicians.On top of that,I have body parts where I’ve lost my feeling and that’s the worst of it all.I am slaughtered while I look whole and that is the great thing about this massacre torture tool where they do not allow us to prove that it is crime at all.If I want to prove then they send me to further electrical destruction of my body at pain clinic and nerve clinic they have put it in all segments of society and they lie when they say it is not harmful, as it is at low current.I don’t want to hurt anyone or myself, but the Swedish state has given me the suffering that drives me to commit something extreme because of the hell I live through every day.Here you see what the state is for something.I do not want to commit crimes and I do not want to hurt anyone but look at how the state wants to hurt me.They have hurt me to death.Thanks to the electrical damage, they put me right into mental hospitals because this is the state way of killing people and driving people to madness.It is the state power where the police can come and the police come into our homes every day and night completely unnoticed and what is worst, they come into our dreams.When they lie and murder people then it is not crime I write a blog about the crime I have been exposed to and they block me, so I can’t contact unknown people and they block people so no one can contact me.They block my facebook account, twitter, instagram my blog while my time runs out as a living person or living being.On the internet I have not found a single person who talks about the devices of death 9 volts.I think there are thousands and maybe millionaire blogs out there online where people write just like me about their suffering while the state censors all of us so that we ordinary people can never access such important information that can save lives on us and our children.The state through media deceives us that we believe that the state is good, human, fair but all that is state propaganda and a theater performance that should put us ordinary people into a sense of false security so that we should not discover that the Swedish state is a pure evil.We who have been subjected to state torture only know the truth when we have been harmed to death.They do not care that we know about it.They have managed to hurt me to death and this is their greatest victory that satisfies their evil racist fascist mind.The state is lying through media.The state is killing people precisely with the police where they can influence a person in such a way that they can change one’s behavior and habits.Politicians are the main culprits for the genocide, those who are in power and those who have been in power.All of them have used the mass murder of the population through the electric knives as the foremost, most effective doomsday weapon.Everything the state does is extremely complicated and advanced, and every move the police take on a target board has a dozen different harmful meanings to the person they are investigating for alleged crime.Their goal is to cause as much damage as possible without ever having come into physical contact with one.I’ve realized that truth too late after they’ve managed to get me into electric death.In the sexual segment they have put it.All people have a weakness and the state can deceive all people into this death as there is death in every conceivable segment of society.Politicians are dressed in civilian clothes and with smiles and pure lies as they speak in the media to us, they camouflage the evil behind the facade that causes us to fall asleep in a false sense of security while the state gives us a deadly blow from which there is no return to a normal life as a human being.Nobody starts wars except politicians, yet guilt is always blamed on those who sit underneath them, in power hierarchy.Here you see how it ends for those who hear voices every night after over 20 years.I die in the worst plagues.


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