Chapter 6-The state kills people who are being investigated for crimes 2019-07-26

This Swedish state harms an individual unnoticed in the same way as you get eaten by Pirayor.Being bitten by a Piraya a man can survive, but being bitten by a dozen Pirayas cannot be survived because the body gets eaten.To receive the deadly blow in a dozen different ways at the same time as I have received from the Swedish state, you cannot survive just as you cannot continue to exist when you have been eaten by the dozen piranhas.Every blow they have delivered to me has been cripplingly brutal in many ways, which has finally led me right into physical and mental collapse.In the beginning, unnoticed through suggestive words and sentences, they have planted into my psyche corrupt thoughts that have over the years changed my habits and behaviors which in turn have elicited social phobia that has chained me to loneliness.They add oxygen to the fire, such as if you had longed for money, but you do not want to commit crimes to raise money.You are poor, you dream of riches but you do not commit crimes.Then you can compare them as if they had planted a sack with lots of money in the road in front of one where they know you should go the next day so that you will find that wealth.Then they have stimulated us to commit crimes and then they have us imprisoned in prison or when needed in mental hospitals it is the same.That’s exactly what happens to criminal gangs.These guys are not aware that they have revealed to the Police all their secrets and not only that, the state encourages them to commit crimes.Hard to believe that they would do so, but it is the quickest way for the state to erase an individual through the Police away from life in freedom among people and from society.Those guys are people who are no worse than a bunch of journalists who lie and mislead people into false security right into death.They are no worse than Police who poison the guys’ psyche without being aware that they are inside their psyche and that it is possible.They are no worse than all the psychologists and psychiatrists who kill people with lies on alleged help where they execute with 700 volts straight into the head.But with media help, the people get blinded to the truth that they will be killed by the state and that calls the state for help.Swedish state makes us believe that they are fair and good while they lie to us until we realize on our own hand that they are evil and then you are injured to death because of state lying propaganda and then it is too late for us.Then the state has succeeded in ending our lives forever.It is the purpose of constant media bombardment of human rights, prejudice, bullying, sexual exploitation and harassment, threats and violence and so on and so forth, while they have themselves legalized a terror tool equivalent to Sarin, Novichok, Crocodile drug that cuts our body in small pieces but in such a way that you look whole.The criminal guys are no worse than the politicians who lie to people where they make us admire them while they all have us as potential targets where they can obliterate us from society and even kill us whether we are guilty or not.They use our emotions as a weapon against us which, the desire for what one lacks, fears for what is a threat to our lives and our freedom, hatred that they arouse in us by hurting us, more and more and then they get us including me until I start to hate this country after they hurt me to death.My life is not a life but an obedience specially constructed by states as the main elaborated plan that states use as a tool to liquidate what the state sees as a threat or to post an example where they kill one so that the entire population gets a lesson for that they themselves do not end up in the same situation.They have harmed me through all the state institutions so the longer I go the more I am mentally disabled where I can’t even think of even the thought of trying to beat myself out of the chains that are social phobia on that loneliness and isolation.For more than 16 years I have slept alone because of their on police investigation where they did not allow me to be sentenced.They have taken the right to investigate me as all ordinary people for crime while they have truncated my body through the electric death trap.They protect the electric death traps as I go through a dying body breakdown and it is not state crime.The electrical damage is not something you can live with.The injuries have the beginning and end that go into dozens of different horror scenarios that lead me to suicide because of the constant day and night suffering.Death through medication that leads to death through overweight blood fats diabetes, heart attack, stroke, renal failure, and eventually necrosis due to dead tissue that electric current has had to die.After all hell they keep talking to me.In the beginning when I was not physically and mentally injured they have been constantly talking positively and encouraging just to make me follow them.They have deceived me into the electrical death that states have laid out and legalized that death by lying to the people of this planet.They have in different ways pushed me all the way to the edge between life and death where they put me in the abyss where I collapse mentally and physically.It wouldn’t be such a big deal if I wasn’t injured.But that’s why they have legalized it dead and now I am equivalent to dead.I suffer death every second of my life.15 times a day and more I panic due to pain from heel and numb body parts where I have difficult to breathe because of pain.15 times a day I get panic anxiety and death anxiety due to pain, where I want to scream for everything I can and that pain provokes anger that was not a personal characteristic of me before I was injured.No matter how calm a person is, with the electrical damage compared to being initially normal and calm and now that you were damaged with a 9 volt electrical appliance, you have suddenly received injuries comparable to Rabies.It is literally the same scary situation you are in.Although here I can still decide what is right or wrong so I follow responsibility like everyone else but while others relax where they can be people I cannot.I suffer around the clock as I witness how my body dies and disappears.It’s like someone stabbing dentist syringes in the injured body area and it never lets go and so I live with the constant reminder where the injuries keep my brain in a constant hard grip where I feel the lost body part wherever I go.The Swedish state has given me that life in hell, legally.They give the death to you and your children as well, because no one has stopped selling the electric death even though I have reported to the police the company they call mass murderers who have sold me the death that has ended my life, instead Swedish society prevents me in every possible way where they protect it so that one cannot even prove that it damages the body to death.Now down I feel so bad that I would rather kill myself to listen to their words even now every night I feel devastating.It can be compared to that all the sufferers are already too much and their words where they take away my freedom in my dream feel like a cup that drops water over and then it becomes too much for me.Then I am broken down physically and mentally where I just want to kill myself but I was never the tip that wants to commit suicide.I want to live but as you can see I live with something similar to dog Rabies who leads me to death in every way possible.Now that I am suffering so much they talk almost nothing.They extinguish the last gleam of my soul that remains in life.They have systematically extinguished my soul in different ways so that I am now in a total darkness where I have an alternative and that is that I kill myself so that I cease to exist in such a ruined body to unrecognizability where my life is not worth living longer.As you can see, it is the state that is killing us.Parliamentary politicians have legalized the worst on the planet massacre torture tools as legal.They are the most responsible.The police and psychiatric care together kill people.Media protects the dead with silence and with a sea of unimportant information so that they fill people’s brains with deceptive information that is brainwashing where people listen to believe and follow the state with their blind faith.Then when people or their children go into one of the all dead traps they will be offered painful relief but they will get from psychiatric care regardless of the fact that they have never had contact with Psychiatric care now they have it after they have gone into state death trap.Then you will realize the truth that the state is killing us and our children.The police kill us with words when we sleep where they trick us with suggestion into disastrous life decisions that will cost us lives.Psychiatric care kills with electrical power of 700 volts into the human brain that they call ECT and they slowly kill us with medications that destroy the psyche and body with a lie that we have fallen ill and because of that we need the medication to be normal and accepted by a society where they cure nothing but the drugs only stun the body and brain for the day so that we can fall asleep during the police torture with words and at the same time on the purchase they harm the body.Also, the drug’s harmful effect on the body is a possible intention by the state to harm one’s body more and more.Those suspended by the state criminal gangs are no worse than the media who have and who have waged a media war against the population.We believe that the news is the truth.Viewing things are true events but they angle all news, advertising and programs in such a way that they give credibility to the state and all government institutions as authority where they are raised while demonizing small people individuals who have made a mistake against the law.They tame ordinary people as animals by letting go of state abuse a little at a time where they restrict the freedom of ordinary people and in that way we accept state norms.We do not become aware that the state has deceived us.We believe that they are good we give our vote to them while they have whole the population as a target.They have created a shortcut where they can kill us all without having to resort to legal proceedings in court.Everything that comes from the state is different tools to fight ordinary people and to have control over all of us.My weakness is shame that Swedish police have used against me, among other things.Thanks to the police having caused me to be destroyed so much,I have had a lesser value feeling where I do not want to be ashamed of women and then I had one place left where I can see a naked women’s body.Because I lived in solitude for over 16 years and that I have looked at the pornographic pages, it has affected me in such a way that I have become a copy of the millions of people you see naked.So I am not better than all of them, unfortunately I am one of them and it is a negative side of me that the police, through the isolation, have built through the decades the freakish figure of me.Thanks to the Police,I am now sexually disabled where I have lost all value as a man.But that’s not even the worst problem for me.Problem is that I can’t continue living with that dog Rabie’s suffering while at the same time I can’t suicide because the Police and Psychiatric care have injured me to death.So I am ashamed and humiliated completely unintentionally because it is a learned behavior that houses me because of the isolation.So I make a mistake, but I don’t commit a crime, but I no longer look like a human.I used to have a pretty good body because of training, but now I can no longer work out as my body dies.I can’t even work with, 8 hours a day while I have to, otherwise I will end up on the street as homeless.Here you see how we have human rights on the surface while they transform our body into a disability shrinking body that goes against death and paralysis into meetings where you can no longer cope in society.I just lose everything.All that hell forces me to write words and sentences that are classified by the state and media as inappropriate material for publication in the media.Therefore,I am blocked on facebook because it violates facebook policy.So the state has control over the truth.On the surface, they are on the left, the middle and the right, the political edge and they are fighting for us as we have given them our votes, while beneath the surface they are all almost the same after they have never questioned this genocide by the electric death.Instead, they protect it and they have protected it at all times as the prime weapon for killing people while claiming us as holy, righteous, and so on.They are the rulers who fight for the rich elites after which, thanks to them, the state can continue to exist successfully at the expense of us ordinary people.In reality it is us and them.They are everything and we are nothing.We are little creeps like myself though I have admired this democracy they have nevertheless led me into death.As you can see,I’m just talking and talking, because of suffering.When I am exposed to crime then it is no crime.I can get murdered and it doesn’t matter.If I had prayed to God then I would have prayed that He would help me die so that I would stop suffering.I have been punished so severely by the Swedish state that not even a person responsible for genocide has been punished in the same way.For anything like this to happen to me at all, justification can be just some extreme reason.There we have a Muslim who has come to Christian Sweden.I am a particularly significant personality who will become a negative clown advertisement by the Muslim Bosnjak people.But over the years the police have changed me to unrecognizability where I no longer look like a human being.So I do not belong anywhere anymore.Remember that I have wanted to serve my crime in prison and they did not allow me.There is no justice, humanity is evil so evil it can only get.It is falsehood and lies that permeate the rich power of the elite.Now I go out for a walk so that pain can be relieved a little bit.


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