Chapter 11-Mankind’s false moral values

All public figures are quick to show their commitment on television how they care and stand for young people who have been subjected to sexual abuse, bullying and abuse.They show their commitment with compassion and empathy for the suffering of young people in TV and media, while when the same young people may have been injured to death by the electrical appliances then all have suddenly become silent.Now the same young people are being treated by the entire state and including the sea of public figures with silence while young people are being treated as if they are stupid in the head and this because of the need to protect the tools of the genocide’s electric death.Youth injured by electrical death commit suicide due to the suffering the state has exposed them to.So on the surface in the media’s image, young people have been treated as victims with respect and empathy, while when they die due to the trap of state death then they are silenced by the entire state and all state institutions.What reality looks like, the state does not allow such cases to come to the knowledge of humanity the ordinary people.Have you ever thought in your mind that you public figures with media influence that even you may be brainwashed or it may be that even you yourself are as evil as the state itself after as with your silence you participate in the annihilation of us on the floor , poor people.If any of you public figures had warned us of the death then you would have saved millions of innocent lives including my own life. Everyone is heroes who fight for the well-being and development of humanity and when there comes a time when you can make a difference, save lives then you are all silent.There are no heroes in reality.Instead, we are put to death by your passivity and your bullshit about your successful lives where we admire and glorify you while pretending to know something about life where you share advice for us and our children with completely unimportant worthless shit stuff that only reinforces the glorified greatness of yourselves.All of you who know about this massacre that the state kills the population while you know about it you all participate in that genocide.If ordinary people talk about it then they are powerless because they will be blocked just like me.But you public figures with power where you can enlighten people to millions of people with the truth of the death where we will have immediate knowledge of the dangers to the lives of ours and our children and that only with a single statement from you.I fight for life just to survive the day in the constant suffering that has already become unbearable.There is no pain relief for the pain I have.Now I numb pain and die anxiety with alcohol.I have lived without a drop of alcohol for 13 years and I would never in my life have wanted to start drinking again if it had not been because of the crime that the Swedish state has exposed me to.I also want to take a deadly poison just because forget about the suffering for a little while.I am almost crazy about this suffering and now you see how everyone keeps quiet while some of us die.See how this crime is allowed and legal when the state kills.Not only do they block me on all social platforms, and it’s not just there that I can’t contact unknown people, they also block me when I try to find a partner on dating sites.Before I went to state death, they have tricked me into keeping me in solitude and isolation.They said, there is a woman waiting for you and I went to the theatrical show that led me straight into their nerve married trap.I die and I have nothing to hope for anymore.They force me to continue isolation where they block and make it difficult for me so I can’t even register on the dating site where I have a chance to find a love.I believed throughout my life that states are fair.I thought the police investigate crimes and when they have evidence or when you have admitted crime that you go directly to jail to serve your sentence and when you have served the sentence then you are free again, thought when you acknowledge the crime that it ends there.I was so wrong.They do not want to judge me but they hurt me in every way.They continue to hurt me through the block of isolation so I can not get in touch with people and even women.Over 16 years I have not been around even a woman.Love is bodily need like food and water.This is further torture they commit on me.For months I have been prevented from registering and now when they see that I wrote this too then I was suddenly unblocked the same day.But nobody answers me even though I am now registered and so it goes in my life.What do you want from me.I can not continue to exist with bodily injuries where I feel less or less of my body.Every second and every step I take in it Suffering gets my thoughts focused on suicide that can give me relief from suffering.My existence in my body is meaningless because this is no life, and this is legal.As I said states kill us and our children. During this torture I age extremely quickly.It feels like a year under the suffering I live in equals 5 years as undamaged and healthy, it feels that way.I now understand that I will be crazy in the end.The devices are there to lock people in mental hospitals if you can’t commit suicide.The state deceives ordinary people into the death trap and then damages one in one way or another.


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