Chapter 10 -Manson family


Everyone on this planet up in the prosperous elite knows about the genocide that has been going on throughout human history.Everyone from top politicians in every state to every state institution and to all people who have media influence on people masses.All of them knew all along about the genocide that has been going on at all times.Even everyone in the film industry knows about the genocide where we ordinary people and our children go to death, but even they keep silent about the most sadistic execution in which crimes that ordinary people commit are not even comparable to the horrible electric slaughter knives.In many movies I see how the main character gives electric shock to each other with Taser’s strength of 700 volts to a thousand volts and they make it look like something harmless fun that makes us laugh, then they continue with hero death throughout the movie completely harmless and happy.Look at the old fantasy classic Frankenstein where he gets life in the dead body with millions of volts.Why has it been shown all the time back in human history ?, therefore for states have realized the deleterious impact of electric current on the human body.The state sees the film industry as a platform where they can enter the subconscious mind of the entire population and the film industry provides an advertisement for the many billion industries that the state uses as mass slaughter tools for its population.Children see how their heroes give each other electric shocks of hundreds or thousands of volts and they are not harmed.Because of such false and lying state propaganda advertising everyone who does not know the truth has put it in their subconscious where when they see all the appliances on the internet they will believe in the state advertising where it is not dangerous and when later in life come into contact with any of the all 9 volt appliances, they will test it out completely because of the conviction of government advertising, they will be harmed to death.States are lying, it is genocide. It is the state’s goal to injure to death certain people groups who are the poor, of another race and ethnic affiliation, or if they are criminal then the police can, through twenty years of torture, trick them into any of the electrical appliances.Information to poor and vulnerable groups is censored so that they never in their lives receive that warning.However, all those in the upper tier of society know about it.They warn each other and their own children, while they give us death advertisements that will force us to commit suicide.Even actors and film industry through the advertising where they are not harmed by electric shock of a thousand volts, they fool their fans right into death.It would have been fitting that they write at the beginning of the movie that all it is fictional fantasy world and that no one would try to test it at home.The electrical appliances are deadly where a single TASER shock of a thousand volts will propel a human being into a road without return, where they will commit suicide.9 volts kill.We should like our actors ’heroes, because of their actors’ talent where they entertain us and make our everyday life a little more beautiful but some heroes in reality they are not.None of the well-known personalities with the power of the media has not come out in the media and warned of the worst death trap that causes people suffering worse than the one that people have suffered in extermination camps.All superstars dance according to state instructions.For example, they like to show how women who have been subjected to sexual abuse cry crocodile tears because of their suffering and it uses the state as a way to access the devils who happen to be usually man but so that the state can put them in prison.In this way, thanks to the vulnerability of women, states with the smallest angle can put their rotten state teeth into rich families where actors with a different race or religion belonging to their talents have earned their wealth.It is the state that is the source of all evil and ruthlessness. It is the rich elite who rule over ordinary people’s lives where they sweep us into mass death.The garbage in Sweden where they award the Nobel Prize for humanity’s achievement and well-being where we see the greatness dressed in fine gentleman’s clothes,how they eat fine and healthy food and where they give out the peace prize as a reward they are all a fraud that should make us see them as greats that we should never question while neither those who give out the prize nor the researchers who have received The Peace Prize has never ever mentioned a single word about the genocide that has been going on at all times throughout human history.Everything and all the greatness that we have seen is all a giant fraud.Each one of them is, in fact, a Manson family, the wealthy elite together with rulers who participate in the genocide of ordinary people.All of them are false because it is not possible that none of them have ever heard of the electrical appliances being harmful to death.They protect their own children with warning while keeping their mouths shut so that ordinary people never know the truth and that is why we and our children go right into death.Greatness does not exist, it is we who make the great with our blind obedience and loyalty and they reward us with a smile that they use to deceive us into death.Before I got hurt, I liked playing guitar or learning to play guitar and I spent many years playing it.When I was injured or rather when pain came, the hobby died out.The interest has died forever.When I look at that guitar I feel nothing.It does not exist in my head anymore.Before that I trained 5 days a week and after each workout I ran half an hour on a running band.I was full of strength, endurance and I felt great.Now I can’t even train but I run half an hour and even it goes slow.I can’t even do it.The drugs poison me, they give me overweight and I am constantly tired but I have to take them because of injuries.They have taken away from me my workout which was the main interest of my life.For me it was my lifestyle.When I see women, the first thought that comes to my mind is that I am an invalid disabled shrink who is truncated and massacred and in such a state I am not enough for any woman.They have turned me into a shrink.I am not even a man anymore.I look at people and I know that they are all whole and normal while I myself fall apart in so many different ways at the same time.I feel that I am not even a human being.They have attracted me to a trap where a very special woman wants to be with me and all that to keep me isolated so that it happens what has happened to me.Now they have taken away my body so that I can never ever be with a woman again.All that the Swedish state has taken away from me while they talk shit about any democracy and human rights.Do I have any human rights when I have been deprived of my body.


It feels like those injuries have hijacked not only my body but my mind as well.Besides the damaged body parts torture my brain to death so now it feels like my intellect is cut with and that it is doing the same thing now that the police have done for 16 years.Now injuries cause a suffering effect that is 100 times stronger.They have harmed me with words in such a way that they first provoked social phobia later PTSD, panic anxiety attack, and nervous breakdown.All this together now at the end has kidnapped my intellect and now I am split where their words together with the suffering they cause damage have destroyed and split my personality into two parts where my intellect tortures myself, it feels that way.I have never in my life wanted to make a joke for another person where you trick a person into trapping to hurt that person to death, never.But now after over 20 years of police torture of me and after over 2 years of suffering in the electrical damage now it feels like even my brain sometimes started trap to my own mind.My intelligence, if such a thing exists and
is in my head,hurting myself now.Half of my soul is dead and I exist half way in the living world.You now understand what is happening to me.Do you now see how the state kills us ordinary people in the worst possible way? The state kills us ordinary people and then they don’t utter a word while we write about the mass murder crime.They pretend that we do not exist while we die because of their death trap.It is intended that we die.Therefore, they have built the system of mass slaughter of the population.The Swedish state kills me in front of all humanity’s eyes and they make me invisible.They punish crimes that ordinary people commit while they commit the most sadistic crime that ends in one’s death in the end.States have murdered people at all times and even now they kill us.They talk about ECT where people lose memory and claim that it is the only side effect that is a pure state propaganda shit talk lies.States pretend it is nothing serious. what happened to me because of the E-stim 9 volt appliance.The state engages Authoritarian people who confuse people even more like Peter Breggin who talks only about ECT as something that hurts.Everyone knows this is damaging but nobody knows that 9 volt battery kills and he never mentions it.For me the man is a cheater who deceives and misleads people into death.He is state advertising propaganda and even the Swedish no to ECT is the same like impostor who may have been directly acquired by the Swedish state.All the psychologists who are employed in psychiatric care are fraudsters who lie and deceive people into death for the service of the state.All the psychiatrists are lying to people right in the eye.They lie about medications where they do not tell the truth to patients about what that medicine is for.Just to divert the drugs to the many billion industry state drug cartels.To me they have said that Zyprexa will make me tired so I think less while in reality it is medicine for electrical damage that psychiatry harms people with through ECT to death.They have told me that it is modern medicine, the latest.The idiot told me the first time when he should print that prescription to me that I should not try to sell that medicine to people on the street.I was surprised at what scum just said to me.I told him, what are you taking me for?.They come out of their imagination on various diagnoses.They are murderers.They are the source of the genocide that states have created to simply kill people whom states choose.As you can see, the state kills us ordinary people of foreign descent through the police, psychiatric care, through general care and every conceivable state institution.It seems that my name has cut off my head.If you come to Sweden with a Muslim name then a Muslim is just as good as dead Muslim.Sweden is a fascist state.In Sweden fascism flourishes and in Sweden fascism has flourished at all times. I have a terrible pain in my legs that I have never had before,in my life, ever.It feels like I had knives sticking inside my leg muscles.It is so scary in what damaged condition my body is in.It scares the life out of me day and night.I talk about all the crimes that I have been exposed to you ordinary people on this planet for you to understand that states kills us.They do all the same to you all and your children.The fate awaits you out there and it awaits your children to lead them to the cemetery if they happen to be tricked into the situation of testing any of the different electrical death appliances 9 volts.And by the way, the fact that I’ve been hurt so badly where I can count as one in 6 million shows how much my life is worth and it is worth nothing.As I said in my life, the Swedish state has sacrificed, since it costs no one anything.Give me back my body that you Swedish state has taken away from me.Repair my band to my country and to my family, which you have broken the Swedish state.Once you have fixed those things, I will immediately move from your country forever and you will never see me again.It is better for me that I work in my own country for the low paid jobs with whole and healthy body than to die in pain from hell in your fascist countries.When I hurt myself when I walked into a death trap like you all states has laid out to us ordinary people, so injuries were about a centimeter in diameter, almost imperceptible.Then it wasn’t a big problem.Now injuries have spread all the way down to the knees and it has spread all the way almost up to the chest all around the body.So to survive the day is a struggle for life and death for me.To commit suicide is the only thing I think of now.I can no longer suffer while false humanity lies to ordinary people and paints a picture of justice.The truth is that the state can kill anyone.They put people in prison who have committed crimes.If you do not commit crime then they kill one.It is reality that we live in.I do not understand how it is possible that I am murdered while everyone looks at and pretends that what has happened to me is fun.For most things we all believe on media while we are not even aware of the extent to which they are involved in government service.They are 100% on the state side.They mislead, brainwash and lie to us so that we remain ignorant of the ways in which the state kills us and our children.There you have a real journalist Julian Assange who has revealed the truth and see how bad it has ended for him, and not to mention how it will end for him.He is destroyed by the state in the same advanced way, just as I have been destroyed by the Swedish state myself.They have scared him where maybe the state wants him to go to that embassy to create his own prison.Now those years of isolation hell do not count as earned punishment.The state has for us all a plan that is 100 times worse for us where we ourselves have to make a choice that will damage our body, our soul, our life and future.Even I have lived in 13 years of isolation where they have been deceiving me so I decided to stay in isolation in that prison for 13 years and finally they have made me, thanks to my blind belief that the state would never hurt ordinary people to death I was just hurt by the state to death and now they silence me while I die in pain that ordinary people can not even imagine.I am an ordinary person who means nothing to anyone and thus I have no significance for Julian Assange, but I see that he is the only person on the planet who can be called a journalist who reveals the truth.All other journalists and media houses that you see and that you have seen, they are all mass murderers who serve the state and participate in the genocide.All of them are state propaganda that keeps us unconscious in our ignorance.They scare us by using our emotions as a weapon against us.He has revealed that states execute civilian populations in war zones.All that he has revealed is nothing and it is not even possible to compare with what I have told.States execute us in peacetime through state institutions.


Doctors in general care are stopping me so I can’t prove I’m injured.They are directly involved in the murder of the population while keeping quiet about it.Here you see that they are directly involved in the killing of orgies with the electrical devices that are so sacred that no one on this planet mentions them, not even once in the media or anywhere as something that is harmful to human body, instead the state protects it .Previously, I believed blindly in the state and all government institutions and thus also in health care.As soon as I felt bad I became like a hypochondriac where with my blind trust in health care I went right to them to investigate so that I did not get cancer, or some serious illness.It was then but now I realize that we expose ourselves to the danger of life when we go to a doctor for whom you see they are involved in killing people.They stop us so that we cannot sue in court the mass murderers who sell the death of electrical products.In the media, they write that breast cancer in women has doubled many times and they recommend that women go for mammography every year.Keep in mind that women receive regular radiation doses that may cause breast cancer.What if regular mammography is also such a killer shortcut as the electrical appliances.When they take a photo with X-ray on a person they may be able to raise the radiation dose to many times stronger X-ray radiation dose.They have hurt me and now I am dying in pain.When they send me damaged by electric current to further destruction of my body with electric current and also they lie to me right in the face that I will not be hurt then maybe they also kill women and only the women who belong to another race and religion.For example, Swedish women will receive a normal mammogram radiation dose while women with foreign origin and another religion belonging will receive a 20 times higher radiation dose and so this is repeated every year, over and over and over again, women get cancer in the end.The X-ray or CT where they inject contrast into the bloodstream that allows them to see in detail within the body is an even worse example.If they want, they can spray radioactive material where cancer occurs later in life just like the electrical damage in me that has exploded after two years.I am not saying that they do this, but thought came to my mind as I have proof that the state is already killing us where I am the best example.Then they give their helping hand through radiation therapy and cell toxins for breast cancer.This is how the state kills us just like me.If the police have investigated a family with such cancer cases where a sister or mother has died in cancer.Now it is much easier for the police to divide and destroy the remnant of family left. the surface state cares for the children while the same children in some cases kill themselves in the adaptive families and state homes for children without parents.The social is an additional state extension arm that the state uses to divide and destroy families.Believe me the state kills us and our children why not women then too.When the Swedish state puts its mark in the head of a family through the police then there will be chaos in the family where all family members behave violently and illogically where everyone gets mentally wounded and in such permits parents make hasty devastating decisions where they lose their children forever.They are not aware that Swedish police have changed their habits and behavior.And finally to come to the reason why I have written this blog are the people in this picture that I have pasted in.Here are mass murderers who have led me into the cemetery.These men and women must be the owners of the company Sinful that sells electric death to all of us.I have reported their company Sinful to the police, but the police have been quick to dismiss my police report.When I have wanted to prove the terrible crime these people have exposed me to, then the state has phonetically tried to send me on to further destruction to death by my body through electrical current at the nerve clinic and pain clinic, and they are also lying to me right in the eye that I will not be hurt because they scan my nerves at low current strength.Even these mass murderers have sold me the electric death that goes on low current and they do not mention anywhere that it damages body to death.That they continue to sell that death to people without any warning, regardless of whether I talk about them for 2 years now shows how arrogant they are.They have the state behind them.They sell the death to all of us to the state.They sell the electric slaughter knives from the age of 18 and with that they have secured themselves from being responsible for murder.If you have turned 18 then they sell it to you with excluded information the truth that you will commit suicide with their deadly Trojan horse.You just see their smile, they are not intimidating but they look convincing with the peace of mind that you are safe while you buy their products.This is what parliamentary politicians look like, they are fair while in fact they are mass murderers who inherit the mass murder system of the previous mass murderers and they never question it.This makes them liars and mythomaniacs.This is what media journalists like to mislead people into a false sense of security.They brainwash ordinary people on the whole planet while never revealing a single word about the mass murder of millions of people where everyone commits suicide because of destroyed body with electric current.This is what police officers look like, radiating a sense of state justice while killing adults and children through words when people sleep and they won’t admit that, I think.In addition, the electrical death apparatus is a tool that is directly included in their torture with words where it causes damage that makes a whole together with their constant talk to a person while sleeping.This, together with the electrical damage, blows a person to death in a physical and mental way.This is what Psychiatric care employees look like.They radiate a sense of nursing where they meet us with a smile and thanks to our vulnerability we believe in everything they say to us.They are lying and lying and they are giving drugs to us ordinary people in government service to the many billion industry that produces all these drugs and they are nothing but state drug cartels.But it is not the worst, but they have the guillotine ECT and it is the basis of the genocide that states commit on millions of people,worldwide.It is a cat and rat game where states use this ECT as an excuse for the existence of the Taser, and all 9 volt devices of various kinds.In fact, it is all a mass murder that the state uses to kill certain individuals and entire communities that the state has chosen to eradicate from society.They punish ordinary people harshly for small crimes while they themselves execute people in the most sadistic way and all that they protect with denial and silence.What power does not talk about, so it does not exist in reality.They meet us and they fool us with a smile.You can be a big and strong MMA fighter who can chew and spit them out without being able to defend themselves.With a smile they disarm us.All the politicians, police, psychiatric care, media house journalists with a smile and calm voice, these at and all the like they disarm us with lies and media propaganda just to hand us a deadly blow,so we can never ever recover from it.They do not use force to lead one to death.These people have killed me.They sell it dead to the entire Danish population and thus to the entire Swedish population to millions of people.No one stops them and no matter that they know it kills people, they continue to sell it.They themselves can say that they have used it for years without being harmed.They can also say that they have never tested it and that they would never want to test it.These men and women are mass murderers who murder the people in the service of the Swedish state.I wish that laws according to Western values and all equal value between men and women should apply to all of us.I want the people in the picture men and women to be electro stimulated with one of the 9 volt electro stimulation devices which means that they will be harmed to death so they can burn alive the rest of their lives, just like me and millions others do now.I wish they would get it from an independent source once in reality and that is all that is needed.They should get what they sell to us and it would be – double up on the highest electric current 30 minutes x 2.It would be a decent harmless electro stimulation.In reality, 5 minutes with 9 volts of stimulation at the highest electrical voltage is enough and they are already doomed to death and they will die just like me.This is what the mass murderers sell to us and this is what the mass murderers deserve, and should receive.I would start with the crawl Mathilde Mackowski after such a crawl has been around me when I was operated ???.Then it would be the other men and women in that picture Sinful turn to be electro stimulated.There will be no mercy for you just as there was no mercy for me.You all ordinary people on this planet should know that it is better to have your leg amputated, to be stabbed or shot with a weapon under the condition that you have not died from injuries, than to get electrical current in the body.In fact, I have nothing more to say, though suffering will drive me crazy and probably I will continue to write before I die.I want humanity ordinary people on this planet to realize the truth about what the criminal organization states in reality are.Now you know the truth about the mass murder of all ordinary people.Now you know about that genocide.Protecting you and your children for the state has no mercy neither for you or for your children.


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