Chapter 14 English -State crime

Psychiatric care is no care. They are a death trap that ends people’s lives by throwing their lives in the dark for the rest of their lives.They are lying to people.Psychiatric care is a state slaughterhouse of people that the state sees as a threat.They can best be compared to scavenger who take care of people for the state to be punished with death.Extent of destruction and annihilation of an individual as psychiatric care together with the police results in a dependence on the vulnerability of the individual.The more you have suffered in your life, the more it should be used against one as a weapon they use to pull one when into the grave while expecting to be treated humanely by the state.Because that’s the image the state disseminates in media where they punish crimes and ski victims.Outside in the first place, you believe that there are extenuating circumstances for one therefore there is, therefore, psychiatric care to help people, you think.Wrong, the care you have received for decades was no care but it was the annihilation of one’s psyche by the police and psychiatric care side.That’s how they kill one, it just looks like they care.These are secrets that you don’t realize until it’s too late and this is only possible thanks to states including all possible bodies keeping silent about the execution method.That one has been killed more than half the body due to the various deadly trojan devices blames the state for being mentally ill after hearing voices.It is in this way that the state darkens murder after murder that the state commits to ordinary people of adult youth and even children.How should we know that all electrical appliances are deadly when there is no warning,no information anywhere on the planet that it will kill the person testing it.It is actually very simple how the state kills people.They have legalized pornography which is a deadly trap in itself for human psyche and there they have put out dangerous stuff that is deadly.Then they say that people are adults and everyone has common sense.Then they forcibly enter their dreams and strike out their common sense by forcing one into medication through psychological torture.They place all the responsibility on ordinary people from the age of 18 onwards,who has the right to buy deadly products.Even though they are 18 years old, they are still children who have not been able to grow up in their psyche.I’ve seen in media on TV and newspaper surgeons warning that people are being harmed with six junk toys.They especially warn of a product that can cause nerve damage.In this case, you use your hands where you have control and you will not hurt yourself because if you hold a knife in your hand directed at his body and you can press a little lightly,but you can’t cut a knife through the skin after which one does not use their hands to go over the painful threshold because it hurts and then you stop. That’s why we don’t hurt.Men they do not warn of electrical appliances that do nothing but burn nerves and body tissue to ashes and the entire body just as if you had been exposed to military nerve poison.In this case, they have tricked one into believing that one is testing a stimulation device,nerve pain relief or that you should get muscle training.So when you connect that trojan and when the current starts to flow through the body then there is no pain threshold or pain threshold after which you do not experience it as pain.It doesn’t hurt at all.One would be able to handle many times stronger electrical voltage because it feels like such a low current.But this does not stay on the skin but cuts straight through the body.We manage many times higher current, but our nerves run on infinitely less natural current that the body produces to send a signal to the brain.Those who sell the appliances say that the body uses electrical power and that the devices send low-power electrical impulses that do not harm the body.With that, they lie to people right in their eyes and they use it to deceive people into permanent eternal dying state.Nerves are thin wires burned by the allegedly weak electrical impulse which is hundreds of times stronger in comparison to the body’s own current.Although it does not hurt and even if you can handle many times higher current strength so nerves are not able to withstand the current and it damages nerves and muscle tissue very seriously permanently to death.Therefore, they have found the limit of 9 volts that will burn everything in their way through the body but you will not die at once.Instead, one should die an extended death for years with the medication of psychiatric care.It is a start shot for the end of one’s life.It is the sole purpose of existence of all electrical appliances.The state uses it as a supplement that is the second half of their police talk to us in words,the drugs that you take for mental stress that the police expose one by invading violence with words for decades and the damage that the appliances caused is the death of a permanent body physically and there you get permanent mental illness due to injuries.All of it together uses the police as a tool for the annihilation of a person and all of it together finally makes sense from one.In this way, they build a picture of someone who is mentally ill that no one will believe.Now I am mentally ill but I am still clear in my mind.This torture is torture to death.It has so far driven me to write all those words.Now I have no control over me as my body is broken into small pieces just as when soldiers have been blown up by a mine where they lost body parts.The difference between them and me is that they lack limbs while I look whole.When their body has healed then I guess they have no pain affecting their brain in such a way that it causes mental suffering to death while house me it is exactly that.They can sleep but I can’t. They are normal while I am not now.I breathe death physically and mentally.It was always the plan of the Swedish state for me.They have killed me through the police, psychiatric care.Through media, they have fooled me into death thanks to their complete eternal silence.In order not to repeat the same thing over and over again, it is so clear that the genocide tool is possible just because politicians allow it and they pretend it doesn’t exist.Then they have camouflaged it and made it available as a tool for the police they have named TASER .They have provided the tool for psychiatric care ECT that claimed care.Then if you do not commit crime and if you do not feel so bad mentally so that you avoid TASER and ECT then they have put it in six segments and there I went into the trap.They have manipulated me with words so that I stay in isolation and thanks to loneliness and the brainwashing they have been subjecting me to for 13 years night after night,year after year, I lost all human traits. That’s why I tested it.I was fooled like everyone else.If you don’t fall into that trap then there is muscle training,there is 9 volts in pain relief that burns the nerves in which people have pain and they get nerve dead and everything else I’ve been talking about.The worst thing is that they block me now while I die.They don’t stop Sinful mass murderers but they stop me from getting my words on my death to come out.I cannot feel joy for a single second.I can’t ever laugh again because of that nerve death, body tissue death,the eternal pain shatters my brain because I die mentally.I can’t live, but I can’t commit suicide either.I want to live but for some life there is no room for me.Did I really deserve this punishment by the Swedish power for crimes they did not allow me to serve in prison.They claim and they pretend that they are democracy that fights for human rights.Check out what they have done to me.They are doing this to my son. They are doing this to you and your children too.


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