Chapter 8-Public persons that I have contacted

Hi, I don’t know how to get started on this cry for help since I never approached celebrities in my life, and I didn’t have much reason to do it.My name is Vahid Redzic and I was born in Prijedor.1993 I came as a refugee to Sweden.It is not enough that what happened to me in Bosnia like everyone who went through traumatic events in the war, my hell started with coming to Sweden.To shorten the story, I committed a crime a long time ago in my life, and from that guilt I do not escape.I wanted Sweden to punish me so that I would be free from that guilt forever, but they wouldn’t let me.Instead, they killed me in the end and I’m dying now.I had the Swedish police from the very beginning since I came to Sweden, now at the end I understand that.I was terrorized by the Swedish police and after a few weeks I confessed my guilt at the police station.And I wanted to be condemned and earn my freedom.I confessed to them all and thought it was the end.I came to terms with going to jail.When I confessed to them, they said that I had not even been reported for the crime.For the past 16 years, they have never left me alone.When we look at the news to the ordinary people, we get the impression that it is all about crimes that ordinary people do where they are called the biggest scourge in the media so that they are isolated in the eyes of ordinary people while the state power in the media is labeled as the hand of God’s justice.I have come to the conclusion that this is not the case, but the State of Sweden is lying to its citizens aloud.They kill us ordinary people.I kept to the law because I wanted to live a normal life and nothing more.They took me straight to death.State authorities punish the ordinary world for petty things as they camouflage death into civil society.It’s about those electrical stimulation devices.That sounds ridiculous now that I’m telling you this.But these things are so serious a crime that one can only measure genocide.When a person comes in contact once, everything happens immediately.The body is permanently injured where the nerves die.If someone thinks it’s not dangerous where their child comes in contact with it,that parent can only watch as his child dies in the greatest pain, in front of his own eyes.There is no help or return after that fatal injury.This is something I do not think in my head.I’m hurt and I wrote a blog but my blog is blocked because when I look at the statistics of how many people read and looked at it, it’s about 20 people.I explained everything in that blog.For many things you can say I’m thinking in my head and I’m probably crazy.But I do not envision these injuries that cause me to commit suicide and because of the Swedish authorities for allowing this to be sold without a true warning of what would happen with the person who tests that one only time.I’m going to die from these injuries.I think that the people of this planet deserve to be informed that they have a death trap hidden and camouflaged in different forms.My blog is completely invisible to people.So when I’m dead then the Swedes can send my child to death as well,while they shit about some democracy and some fucking human rights.I have suffered so much in this country and now that I have been led to this death by a state trap with this suffering, I cannot be normal anymore.All I have said on this blog is a testimony of Swedish fascism where my life was extinguished.Whatever answer you give me will be instructive to me.It’ll just open my eyes even more.I have already contacted a newspaper in Bosna Dnevni Avaz, where I sent a copy of all the text in my blog and even called them on the phone to make sure they got it.But they didn’t even answer me back.They probably didn’t even get it, which means that my messages were blocked by the Swedish police.They silence me so that I cannot contact anyone and share this testimony about killing me myself.I will go from one to the other until eventually I begin to be seen as a human being for this evil humanity.At least tell me if you can see my blog at all.If you see it then it sees the whole world.That’s exactly what I’d like to know.Because when I look at statistics, almost no one reads my blog.I want humanity to know the ordinary world for this truth that the state kills us ordinary people.As a result, my life will not be extinguished, but it will cost state killers in such a way that people know the truth so that they can protect themselves and their children.Therefore, my child will be protected from at least that worst evil that has happened to me.I’m a big fan of you.Thank you. tel- 072 278 4803 – have sent such a message to Dnevni Avaz, Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Krauss, Richard Dawkins and I will pass it on to others who have media power where they can make information known to millions of people.None of them answered me.Either my message has been blocked by the Swedish authority police or they won’t answer me back.It’s possible that all people on this planet see everything I’ve written in that blog.If the case is so then you can think that the Police will do what is best for me.Don’t think so, because I’m injured to death and I’m dying for real.It’s not even about me insulting myself, it’s about me dying and I don’t deserve such an ending to my life.I do not want to pray to the Swedish media fascists after which, with their powerfully convincing propaganda, they convinced me like the rest of the population in false security where I could not imagine the Swedish state allows people to be murdered in the way that I have become.The electric genocide tool has been around at all times and none of us have heard a single word about where people commit suicide because of a 9 volt electrical appliance.There is no reason to believe that they would say something now when I die.They want this opportunity so they can kill other people out there as they investigate criminal proceedings.I say this is what the state is doing to us is the annihilation and genocide that one cannot live with.I suffer as hell and I can’t live with this suffering.I only fall apart into small pieces.When I write my blog link on mine on Instagram then I get blocked where it says about,content in that link violates our policy which is why we want to protect our community from malicious content.I can’t contact anyone or comment on other people’s posts.Here’s how it is on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account.I haven’t been able to say a word about my blog with other people.I have been the most peaceful man on this planet.I have never offended, threatened, hurt, given myself to another human being,either physically or verbally way.I am and I have been all my life,the most quiet and peaceful person who have only been beaten by others.Check out what the Swedish state has done to me.See how they killed me.How can I become a danger to Western democracy?and people groups who have their account on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.All I have said is truth and nothing else a truth.So my testimony of my death,that can save millions of people out there is a danger to Western democracy.When I have walked in the death trap of the Swedish state then I will be silenced by Western democracy.Maybe I violate human rights.This isolation of mine is so disgusting and evil.I am murdered by the Swedish state in front of the eyes of whole humanity and I don’t even have the human right for my voice to be heard before I die.What is human rights for something when the state kills us.Don’t even talk about any fucking heroes for such do not exist in reality,after not a single has come out and warned people for the worst on the planet electric killers death trap.I have revealed to ordinary people what the state is for something.If you had been injured like me then you too would come to the same conclusion as me.


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